How To Increase Penies Size In Hindi

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How To Increase Penies Size In Hindi

It doesn't matter whether you work hard, stick to it or just hope it's bigger - penis pump is your best friend. Pump water regularly at home to ensure your length and girth are several inches. You can even train yourself to use the pump for longer! If you want to know how the penis pump works, how to choose the penis pump and how many ace pumps are available, please read on.

What can penis pump do for you?

A really bigger size. Although the effect may not last as long as you expect, regular use can result in a semi permanent increase in the length and circumference of your penis.

Erections last longer. Taking blood from the penis often can easily deal with most erectile problems, making your endurance stronger than ever before.

Incredible sensitivity. The pressure in the cylinder will peak your wake-up level. With a lot of blood flowing to the penis stem, the sensitivity of the skin becomes amazing.

"Oral" feeling. If you are a fan and want to recreate the wonderful feeling of your lover's mouth, be sure to try using the penis pump, because it can create a surreal feeling.

How to use penis pump correctly?

Apply lubricant to the edge of the toy and yourself.

Slide the cylinder onto the semi erect penis. Make sure the toy is firmly attached to the pubis.

Squeeze the penis pump for the first time to ensure a good seal.

If you have a gas tight seal, start pumping gently.

After the shaft is firmly erected, push the valve to release air and remove the pump.

How to choose penis pump system?


Manual mechanisms with light bulbs or pistons are ideal for people with limited budgets, just to try and add an inch or two to the shaft. You will be able to control stress better and find the intensity level that best suits you.


The automatic mechanism is most suitable for those who know their pumping program and like to do it almost every day. This will help you get stable results to allow the shaft to grow and achieve a firmer installation.

Hydraulic pump

A mechanism by which a shower or bath uses a pump instead of water as a pressurising tool. This is a unique concept that plays the most constant role in increasing the circumference and length of the penis, but requires proper pumping of water every day.

Safety tips for using penis pump

Do not use the toy continuously for more than 15 minutes. You can often use it during breaks between sessions.

Do not use penis pump on inflamed or inflamed skin.

If you are taking blood thinners, consult your doctor as pumping can cause bleeding in this case.