How To Make Masturbator

Although you may think that every man masturbates, that's not the case. Maybe you don't have a male role model to explain it to you. Or, you're stuck in dry land. More importantly, you've never used a masturbation device or a toy designed for men's entertainment!

Everyone knows that there are times when quick release is needed. On a stressful day, your current girlfriend rejects you or just needs to sleep. Masturbation is not a long process for some men or even most people. My average time is less than 5 minutes. I have no problem.

Spending time masturbating and trying new "keeping" and stress is a lesson, even for experienced masturbators. Fantasy, adult entertainment, masturbation during phone sex - all of these can greatly increase your experience. I'm not saying that five minutes of convenience is a bad thing. In fact, I do it at least a few times a week during my morning and evening showers, but having a single time to do the experiment is very good for your sexual health.

There are different kinds, styles and materials. I've tried at least one of each, so I'll try to provide an explanation and an example for your shopping convenience:


These are the most economical and diversified. They are made of a flexible jelly material, usually in many different colors. Some are like a woman's vagina, some are just sleeves. Some of them are a little vibrating. Basically, they are a great starting point for experimenting with masturbation.


These may be the envy of all young boys! Real vaginas are the most expensive masturbation devices. They are made of Internet skin, usually not just vaginal lips, such as buttocks, cheeks and anal openings. They're heavy - which actually increases the feeling - and they really look like life.

It's a cool experience, because when my wife is in another room, using another "woman" is definitely an illusion. It has a good feeling and texture. It's very interesting to use!


Finally, as I found out, penis pumps are not suitable for small guys who want to increase their size. Pumps can help girth, endurance, and even provide a good masturbation session. These things really suck on your penis - that's a good thing. I have, use and like black jack stroker. It was an interesting experience. If you want to have a strong feeling of being touched and sucked, invest in a pump!

I hope anyone who reads this article can try something new. Masturbation is a normal thing. Even married old people like me can participate in it. It seems fair to prepare toys and entertainment for ourselves. So whether you're single, dating or married, consider some masturbation products. I believe it will take your solo to a whole new level.