Indian Anal

Sex Toy 10 Beads Backyard Jelly Plug
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There are many indian anal sex toys, including G-point posterior anal plug, posterior chamber vibration pull steel ball, anal plug, etc. The following is a one-to-one introduction:

Indian anal rabbit tail after the court plug, turned into a bunny girl, teasing him, rabbit tail turned into a cosppiy appliance is so mysterious, inserted into the anus, turned into a bunny girl. Ice and fire two days, many people think of glass, it is considered to be very cold and cold things, in fact, this can be soaked in warm water, or put into ice water for free use, choose your favorite heat, give your private parts and after The court brings the stimulation and enjoyment of two days of ice and fire.

Indian anal series aircraft cup with strong contraction of sphincters

Indian anal aircraft cup outside the entrance of the real sense of sphincter, can achieve a strong anal tension, bring a real feeling, the interior uses a double structure, the bowel wall also has a lot of fold design. Add a sufficient amount of lubricating fluid to the inside and try to insert the feeling. The entrance is about 7MM, and the sphincter ring is inside. So it is slightly small. Insert it with a little force when fully erected. Open the sphincter ring to get inside. The tightness of the ring is also unique to this product.

The inner intestinal wall is also designed with pleats. It can give the glans a strong scratching feeling during the twitching process. The length of the full length is about 13.5CM, which is not too long, and the vacuum inside is lacking, so it is also a little monotonous. The entrance is really tight, but the personal feeling is strong, but it does not give the glans a feeling of discomfort. When the Indian anal aircraft cup is doing the piston thrusting movement, if the pumping amplitude is relatively large, the strength of the sphincter ring should be brought out, and the feeling of lack of vacuum inside is also the inadequacy of this product. Harder is also different from other products. For those who like soft, don't think about it. Compared with the previous product, which increases the design of the sphincter ring, there is no significant improvement in other aspects, but it is also a try. Indian anal aircraft cup in terms of maintenance, although there is a sphincter ring design, rinsing is no problem, indian anal supplies bonding is also quite good, do not have to worry about the double structure will fall off, the material is more durable The price is still quite good.

Indian anal--anal plug type

The anal plug is divided into an external anal plug, suction cup anal plug, impact ball, ball anal plug, go out egg jumping, water droplets anal plug, armor anal plug, automatic thrusting, suction cup anal.

Indian anal--Beads

Drops of water, smooth, long enough, and resistant to tension. Four drops of beads, each of which is soft and full, each brings a feeling of stimuli in the back court, pulling out the pleasure of silk. The thrill of instant shrinking and expanding, the pleasure of expansion and contraction of the sphere every time it passes through the anus is instantaneous, and the feeling of lifting can only be unspeakable. Pure silica gel is soft, not easy to pull, has strong bearing capacity, smooth surface and flawless, and it is easier to enter and exit with lubricating oil.