Lesbian Fun

As sexual life becomes more and more unstable, we want to explore our desire for female love more and more. The simple question is how do lesbians make love?

It's a good problem, but it hasn't been solved as often as we hope. So how do lesbians make love?Lesbian Fun

Obviously, without a direct answer, what floats on one woman's boat may sink on another. There are some interesting surveys, one of which finds that girls' intimacy to girls leads to more orgasms than girls' behavior to men.

What is the intimate relationship between the girls I heard you ask? It could be kissing, irritant areas, dry humps, oral sex Basically, it's any sex that makes you feel. You might even want to know how a woman makes love without a penis. We all know that penis can't guarantee sexual satisfaction, but do you know that no penis can make lesbians have more creative sexual choices!

You may be more focused on what's happy for you and your partner, or try something different.

What is the most common way for lesbians to have sex?Lesbian Fun

Although in our opinion, masturbation is a good start, the way lesbians make love is not "ordinary"! We also believe that one of the reasons why lesbians are more sexually satisfied than heterosexuals is that women know each other's bodies and what clitoral and vaginal stimulation can lead to orgasm.

According to the survey, 99% of the respondents think clitoral stimulation is the most important. The second was oral sex, accounting for 95.2% and 79.6%. 55% of women said they used vibrators to achieve their goals.

Do lesbians use belts and penises?

The answer is simple. Some do it, some don't. According to the survey, 58.5% of lesbian couples use band regularly, and 55% of them use dildo regularly.

We know that for some people, the belt can provide more fun for those who like it. If you've tried, but haven't gotten too much out of it, maybe it's worth trying again with wet for her meticulously crafted gay couple mind. When using bundling, you may want to switch roles and take turns acting as giver and receiver.

If you prefer a fake penis, you're lucky because there are many options! There are different shapes and sizes to suit you and your lovemaking style.

Is one person the same person?Lesbian Fun

No If you wear a tape when you make love, one person may accept the role of another person making love. Who will play the role depends on your mood at that time!

What about scissoring?

According to the survey, 34% of the lesbians engage in scissoring on a regular basis during sex.

We know some of us love scissoring and some of us hate it! But it is definitely worth a try at least once to see if it’s for you. The sensation of genital on genital movement can be extremely pleasurable if you’re willing to put in the work. If you’re thinking of exploring scissoring, you might want to try the new RockHer vibrator has been designed with scissoring in mind. 

Is sex better between two women as they know each other bodies?Lesbian Fun

Yes and no. Yes, because women know women. They have first-hand experience of what a clitoris or vaginal orgasm is. 

No, because everyone is different and just because one partner likes sex a certain way it doesn’t mean another partner will like it in the same way. It is more about what turns you on rather than assuming there are set guidelines when it comes to lesbian sex. 

We hope we have solved some problems about how lesbians make love. I hope we can give you some new ideas, try to explore and experiment to improve your sexual life. God knows, we should all have a good orgasm!Lesbian Fun