Male Chastity

As the attitude of openness and liberation is becoming more common in the world, we are constantly exposed to new and interesting ways to add color to things in the bedroom.

Chastity devices are one of the most extreme and unusual things you may encounter.

These may cause you many problems. What is chastity? Why do people do this? Would you like it?

In this article, we will introduce you to the wonderful world of male chastity and everything that comes with it.

What is male chastity?

Male chastity is not a new concept. Throughout history, many men have abstained from sex, masturbation, orgasm, or all three!

One of the most outstanding examples people usually remember is many monks who often swear to have chastity. Instead of simply no longer having sex, these monks often moved to monasteries to isolate themselves from more aspects of human interaction.

Recently, the #nofap movement convinced men around the world to give up masturbation for a variety of reasons. The campaign started in 2011, trying to persuade men to give up masturbation touting behavior, such as increasing attention and increasing productivity.

In recent years, male chastity has also become more common. In these relationships, a man transfers control of sexual pleasure to his partner or mistress. She decides when to allow him to orgasm, have sex, masturbate and even clean his penis.

Why someone chooses to participate in male chastity may vary, but the core idea remains the same. Keep chastity!

History of male chastity

So where does the whole idea come from? Can someone give up sex and orgasm for a long time and really enjoy it?

The true origins of chastity can be traced back to ancient times, and many religious documents mention chastity belts. However, most people believe that the meaning of these references is more metaphorical than actually locking someone's genitals.

The Crusades were originally a proper reference to the chastity belt. In the Crusades, people had to fight for several years at a time, leaving their wives behind. They obviously don't want their wives to sleep with other men, so they lock their genitals and bring keys with them. Otherwise we might think ...

The concept of chastity belts has often appeared in literature throughout history, including painting, and no one has ever worn a true depiction of a belt.

So when did they really appear? Many historians believe that the first true chastity belts were made sometime in the 18th or 19th century. These are just jokes, not things to use.

In the early 1900s, there seemed to be more modern chastity devices (including belts and cages), so this is likely to be the first time people actually started making and wearing them. However, some old designs are weird and don't really work effectively.

Design has improved significantly throughout the 20th century, and the chastity devices we use today are appropriately designed to prevent the wearer from having sex. Therefore, this ancient idea has finally come true.

How do men participate in male chastity?

For a man, there are not many prerequisites for starting a masculine life. Simply deciding to do this is the main part!

Once a decision is made, the way everyone stays chaste may vary from person to person. You can:

Like monks, live a lonely life.

Give up porn to reduce the number of times you masturbate and only have sex.

Choose not to have sex until you get married.

Do not touch your penis yourself.

Wear a chastity device.

There may be more, but you understand. The most important thing is to stick to the promise made by the man (whatever it is) and stay chaste!

Types of male chastity

If you have done this but haven't completely postponed it, then some of you may want to learn more. Is all chastity the same? Do I have to give up orgasm for the rest of my life?

Fortunately, there are several different types of chastity, so you can customize your experience to your liking.

The most obvious (and perhaps the scariest) virginity is permanent virginity. This is a place where a man promises to spend his whole life in a cage.

Although it sounds compelling, it does not mean that his penis can no longer see the fresh air. A large part of the chastity relationship is still sexual intercourse and orgasm, but the way is more controlled. When his mistress or host decides, the man will be allowed to take off the cage and still be able to enjoy all the past days.

Cages and penis also need to be cleaned regularly, so they usually need to be removed every one or two weeks to ensure this.

Other than that, he will be locked!

The next type of chastity is slightly less extreme, and we call it part-time chastity. The exact setting depends on each couple, but a common example is when the key ring does not exist, the man needs to be locked. In a sense, this is very similar to the chastity belt of the Crusades.

Finally, there is more entertainment. Some couples just want to explore cock cages and see what it takes to spend some time locking up or exploring the power exchange involved in this relationship.

Overall, there is nothing particularly scary about this. The key is to decide the exact shape of your chastity relationship with your partner. You listed the rules, punishments, and most importantly rewards!

How stable are men?

Male chastity is definitely not a hot topic you should consider, but it can be said that it has not become more and more popular in recent years. Not only is society more open to sexual issues, but many people are more willing to try things that might not have been possible in the past. With the Internet, it's also easier to get information and devices.

You can decide to try virginity and put a cage on your penis within a few days!

Do men enjoy chastity?

Many people think of virginity as merely coercion by a partner, religious opinion, parent or other source. Unfortunately, in some cases this is the case, many men just choose a chastity lifestyle because they like it!

Giving sexual control to another person can be free and exciting. Not knowing when to be allowed to release your libido, this will make you better at last.

For some people, simply getting rid of the games and dances brought about by an active sex life is more than making up for what they lack. Others may still choose to pursue a lifestyle that requires a period of virginity or even permanent virginity. Take astronauts as an example. While on the space station, they will be months away from other humans, and will be completely chastified throughout the process! But going into space makes everything worth it.

How can I maintain stability?

Male chastity can be as much or as much as you want. If you don't want anyone to know about it, just save it for yourself. Even when wearing a cock cage or other chastity gear, if you choose the right person, no one even knows it is there!

On the other hand, some people like gossip and they want to share. But it's not just these simple telling others that there are many options for this type of exposure expert. Many people hold chastity parties, and each mistress or host can bring their slaves and share them in groups.

Ultimately, it all depends on how cautious you are about male chastity.

Is chastity suitable only for men?

Although we focus primarily on men, women should not be completely abandoned! If you want, anyone can enjoy a life of chastity and find mistresses and masters to control them.

Women obviously cannot use a chastity device like a cock cage, but there are other options, such as a chastity belt, which covers the vagina and anus, and prevents sexual intercourse and masturbation.

Although virgin women in love may further strengthen historical stereotypes by obeying men, there are still many elements of trust and power transfer here.

Sometimes women may even be in a pure lesbian relationship! It doesn't matter who you are or who you like. If you think you will like chastity, nothing will stop you from trying it out.