Sex Positions for India Gay Men

You on top, them on top, everyone on their sides... We've all got our go-to sex positions, but don't you find that sometimes, you'd like to try something a little more... unexpected?

When it comes to shaking up your sex routine, there's no easier or faster way to add some spice than by switching out your position play.


It may not top the list for innovation, but there's no denying that missionary is popular for a reason. Face-to-face means up close and personal, thrilling and intimate. Penetration isn't necessarily required, either: you can also explore frotting (penis-to-penis contact) in the missionary position.

How: First take the time to warm up – use lubed fingers to relax the anus of the partner being penetrated and take your time so you're both fully aroused. When you're ready, be sure to use plenty of lube and enjoy.

Bumper Cars

Up for a challenge? In this rear-entry position, the partner on the top has gravity on their side while they plunge into the partner below. For added stimulation, slip on a penis extender that enhances your length or girth, or wear a textured penis sleeve and see how long you can last!

How: Face the opposite direction to your partner, with the penetrating partner on top, and thrust away to your heart's content.


Not only is it great for cuddling, spooning can be a great position for slow-but-sensational sex. This versatile position is highly enjoyable both with and without penetration, and adding a bullet vibe to the mix can heighten your excitement even more. Use it to explore other erogenous zones like the nipples or stomach.

How: Curl around your partner and grind your hips together. If you're not penetrating them, try sliding your penis between their legs or ass cheeks for a different thrill.

Riding Grind

In one corner: the riding grind, a position that combines the intimacy of missionary with the depth of doggy-style. In the other corner: the pole stroke, a non-penetrative position where partners rub their penises together while face to face. Well, don't feel obligated to choose – start out strokin' poles before moving into a hard'n'fast riding grind.

How: While facing one another, a partner kneels on the other's lap, giving great access for deep penetration or quick frotting. Wear a cock ring to help pump up your staying power if you're planning on making a night of it.


A classic for a reason, doggy-style allows for deep, controlled penetration. If you've ever fantasised about adding a third person to the mix, why not mimic that sensation by adding in a stroker as well? The partner on their knees can become the middle of a highly satisfying sandwich.

How: One partner gets on all fours – or another comfortable position with their booty in the air – and their partner penetrates them from behind.


Bring things right to *ahem* a head with oral for both of you! This is a great way to give what you get: try matching them motion for motion for totally synchronised sensations.

How: Splash on your fave flavoured lubricant, then lie on your side opposite your partner and pleasure them orally. Rimming

Speaking of oral, it doesn't all have to be about the peen. The entrance to the anus is full of sensitive nerve endings that can feel amazing when licked and sucked.

If you're someone who chooses to douche before playing, we recommend doing so at least an hour before you get started so you can relax and enjoy the moment.

How: Make sure you're clean and comfortable, apply a little flavoured lube, and enjoy.

Butt and Grind

If you're someone who likes to see the results of your handy work, this is the position for you. Whether you're penetrating your partner or rubbing against them, you've got a great view of your penis at work while you play.

Add a butt plug or prostate massager to increase the excitement for either (or both) of you.

How: One partner lays flat on their stomach and the other kneels behind them, sliding their penis between their partner's ass cheeks without penetrating them (at least to begin with).

Mutual Masturbation

You've probably wanked before and chances are you've got some special moves you use to drive yourself over the edge. Well, sharing is caring. In this position, you can use your personal favourite mini stroker or todger-teasing techniques on each other for a smashing shared session.

How: Settle into a comfortable position side by side and tease their cock with your hands or favourite toys.