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That night, I was wearing sexy lingerie under the nightgown sex toy in Bangalore. The looming curve even blushes when I look at myself, and when my husband unlocks my nightgown and takes it off when he When I saw the sexy under my nightgown, I felt his eyes should be straight...

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After 8 years of marriage, I discovered a terrible reality. The passion between me and my husband is fading. From the same bed to the same bed, I have developed into the present room. The husband and wife live together with the feelings that began to enter the plain period of the stagnant water. The more boring life made me feel dissatisfied with the marriage. My husband also asked me: "All said that the woman is like a tiger, forty, like a wolf, why don't you have any movement?" I didn't answer, but my heart was helpless. It wasn't that I didn't have desires, but my husband's body, letting my desires vent. I am the second woman to be a husband, but it is his first woman. Her husband has a few sexual experiences, so she doesn't know how to make love. He is very enthusiastic about it. He often gets me in the early stages of marriage. pain. Later, there was no way to use lubricants, and the situation improved. However, her husband has more entertainment and has to go out for drinking in three days. His cigarette addiction is also great. After a few years, excessive tobacco and alcohol have made his body worse, and his ability in that area has also been affected. Her husband is getting worse and worse, and finally Even for two minutes, there is no way, and the man is self-righteous. Her husband never thinks that he has a problem, or he knows that there is a problem, but he does not admit it. I didn't feel happy, but for his mood, I still pretended to be the climax. This kind of sexual life made me feel so tired that I was gradually reluctant to go to the house with my husband so that he mistakenly thought that I was cold. Looking back, I found that such marriages are getting more and more fragile. This is not the life I long for. I want to change this state.

In this way, I began to learn to dance, to do cosmetology makeup, I made myself more charming, but also find ways to restore her husband's sexual ability. I dare not buy medicine for him to eat. I am afraid that he will think more, self-esteem will be frustrated, and second, he will be afraid of hurting his body. Therefore, I can only cook more soup to give him a drink. At first, my husband liked it very much. But after a long time, he wouldn’t drink it. He said that he was tired of drinking, and he said that he was too hot and hot, but he had to make up more, her husband’s ability. However, it has not been improved. In desperation, I can only carry him and secretly post on the forum to seek help from netizens.