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Today, I will introduce you to a sexi doll "Sister Ba Ba". As the name suggests, it is irresistible. To be honest, when I saw the outer packaging at first glance, it was not amazing. At first glance, I thought it was a middle-aged and elderly thermos cup. But that's why the conservative and fiery contrast is a good "woman".

sexi doll airplane cup shape

After opening the outer package, a snow-white body was revealed. The sexi doll used a tape measure and the cup body was about 24 cm long. The smooth "flesh" is 12 cm deep without stretching. If your Tintin is long, you can reach "her" point A. Although you haven't seen the special features of the "Sister of Ba Ba" till now, don't worry, Xiao Bian will tell you the "mystery" among them immediately. Open the lid and take out the soft "flesh" inside. The overall feel is like real human skin. And it has the super-strong shrinking force and elasticity, even the big cymbals of 18cm can hold it. Turning over, you can see that the inner wall of the "flesh" has a variety of soft particles and threads, which can kiss and caress key parts from multiple angles. Here comes the point! Pour the lubricating oil provided at the delicate hole, and then you will see high-speed up and down movements. Like this, you hardly need to move, "She" will constantly rub and shrink on your key parts. Sometimes her hands like "her" are playing with caress, and sometimes like "she" is twisting her body above you. Also, the sexi doll aircraft cup has 10 sets of tricks, which can reach 150 draws per minute, I wonder if you can withstand the "her" push.

sexi doll plane cup pillow whisper

While pumping, the sound of sexi doll aircraft cup is also a must, 6 kinds of voices whisper in your ear, making you irresistible. With the acceleration of the pumping frequency, the sound of the sexi doll aircraft cup also resembles a wild horse that has been taken off, completely released, and ran on the boundless grassland, followed by a wave of pleasure higher than a wave ~ this sexi doll The Aircraft Cup is so proactive, otherwise I'm ashamed to recommend it to you.

sexi doll airplane cup cleaning

Wash carefully with cold water or warm water not more than 45 °, and thoroughly clean the inside of the sexi doll aircraft cup, then wipe it with a towel to dry, put it back in the cup after it is fully dry, and cover it with a lid Store in a cool, dry place.

Before entering, wash! Cleaning! Cleaning! Then fully lubricate your key parts and inside the sexi doll aircraft cup. To tighten the interior, rotate the black lid on top. There are six reflective concave stripes on it, you can rotate the gears to find the tightness you want most.

In particular, we need to remind everyone that when choosing gear, one gear at a time should be used, not too fast, which can not tighten or relax. After you're done, don't forget to take "the flesh" and take a shower to "her". After cleaning, dry it.