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South Indian Aunty Sex

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How to reduce the sense of shame and make more men feel comfortable using sex toys

Men's sex toys are absolutely very common, and more men than ever buy sex toys. But many people still feel ashamed. They are afraid of what sex toys say about their masculinity, masculinity, and even their sexual orientation. Most of the reasons are poor (or no) sex education, and myths about what role men play in sex and happiness.

If shame prevents you or your partner from exploring sex toys, here are some ways to reduce it.

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Talking about sex toys can help regulate your behavior for those who use them online or find places with some friends. Ask as many people as possible about this topic. Talking about sex toys you use alone or want to use together immediately reduces taboos on topics rather than things that need to be hidden. Depending on what works for you, it can be a simple coffee conversation or something you bring out when you are both naked, relaxed and open.south indian aunty sex

Make masturbation normal in interpersonal relationships

Regardless of the relationship between men and women, men usually masturbate. So do many women. But if nobody talks about it, it may become a taboo topic. Because sex toys are common in masturbation, this is an opportunity to normalize two unnecessary sources of shame - sex toys and getting out of the car. It doesn't matter that no one can meet all our sexual needs. By making masturbation commonplace in a relationship, you can reduce the shame many men feel about sex toys.

They are enhancements, not substitutes.

For some men, this is an enhancement, not a substitute, because they know that their partner's use of sex toys is the biggest problem. They worry that this means they are not doing a good job of satisfying their partners. They see sex toys as enemies or substitutes. Although we can constantly improve our sexual skills, sex toys will not automatically replace bad lovers. They enhance the pleasure that tongues, lips, hands and penises cannot provide alone. That's OK. That's why sex toys and masturbation are so important in relationships.

Use sex toys together

Once you see how your sexual skills work with sex toys, you don't have to worry or worry. Guys, if your partner often uses sex toys -- vibrators, artificial penises, anal toys, whatever -- ask if you can try them together. It also makes it easier to talk about playing with your toys. Looking at the happiness your partner gets from the way you touch them and their sex toys, you may have the confidence to see what sex toys are like - the tools of happiness.south indian aunty sex

Let yourself open

Make yourself Onokay, so you're willing to try a sex toy, but you're afraid of what it means, if someone finds it. First, online ordering is the easiest way to keep things completely confidential. Good online sex stores are careful to deliver, so even your postman doesn't know what you ordered. Now that you've taken the big first step, let yourself play with your new toys. In many cases, the power of awakening is enough to overcome our repression and fear. Once you know how your new toy feels, you may not be so worried about what it means to use it.

By the way, using sex toys means you want sexual pleasure and stimulation. Not much, not much.

Consider your sexual function

If you are the kind of person who needs a specific reason to do anything, consider sexual function. Correct sex toys can enhance and improve your erection, strength and ability to get off the car. No, you don't need to be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction to see these benefits. Some studies have shown that regular orgasm and massage of your prostate can help you reduce the risk of prostate cancer or prostate hypertrophy as you age. If you have grown up, regular orgasms and massages may shrink your prostate.

Using sex toys may make your sexual activity longer and increase your pleasure. If you need a "reason", that seems to be a good reason for us!


In a perfect world, people of any sex will not be ashamed of their sexual pleasure or use of sex toys. But we don't live in that world. Too many men think they shouldn't "need" sex toys. If they use a massage stick or a prostate massager, it shows their masculinity.south indian aunty sex

Adult toys are tools to enhance happiness. They make you or your partner feel good and more stimulating. It's that simple. If we can talk about sex and happiness more comfortably, we can reduce the sense of shame, and everyone can have a better sex life - alone or with a partner.

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