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The Bathmate Hydromax5 (formerly Hydromax20) penis pump is perfect for men who wish to have a bigger penis and a long lasting stamina. This pump will help in better blood flow and provides an increase in the length and girth of penis, along with rock hard erections. The Bathmate Hydromax5 has a soft seal and a full support comfort ring. This pump is designed for comfort and the vacuum tube allows easy control.

Packaging Dimensions (L x B x H) in Cm - 27 x 9.5 x 9

Weight (Kgs) - 0.55

Weight (Gm) - 550


Before using the pump we advice you to shave the hair around your penis which will help the pump to fit well at the base and create the suction.

Relax in the shower for a few minutes.

Start by closing the top of the pump by clicking the button to the side.

Fill the pump with water until full.

Now place your penis (non-erect) in the Hydromax pump.

Ensure your testicles are outside of the Hydromax pump at this stage. If necessary, gentle pull down on them to ensure they do not get sucked into the tubing.

Form a tight seal between the pump and your body.

Push towards pubic bone and see the water releasing from the valve.

After few pushes, you can see the penis drawing towards the tube.

Re-pump to maintain vacuum – recommended to use it for 15mins at least to see the results.

When you have finished, simply press the button back to a central position. This will unlock the valve and immediately release all pressure and water will pour from the valve. (This can also be done if you need to release pressure fast, at any time.)

You can repeat this once a day for three days in a week.

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