anal sex tips

Most people think of anal intercourse and anal pleasure at least at some point in their sexual life.Indeed, not everyone acts on these ideas and desires, and that's okay. However, for those who enter the pleasant world of the anus, you need to know something for safety, pleasure and comfort.

Here we offer you all 411 about anal sex and anal pleasure so that you and your partner can make full use of your sexual experience.

What is Anal Sex?

There are many anal sex enthusiasts who have never fully acquired the concept of difference between anal pleasure and anal sex. Of course, anal sex can be pleasant. For some people, it's the only anal game in town. However, anal sex is not the only way to enjoy it.

Anal sex is very self-explanatory, but for those who want to read it in black and white, I can spell it out for you. Anal or anal sex is where a partner inserts a penis into the anus of another partner. This can be between two men or between men and women.

On the other hand, anal pleading involves all forms of sexual stimulation of the anus. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of tongues, fingers, sex toys or penises to provide said sexual stimulation. Anal pleading is something that two men, two women, or a man and a woman can do. This is even something that can be done, and done when someone is flying alone.

Some people think that anal sex only works for gay men. If you're a man and you do it, you want to do it, or find pleasure in receiving anal stimulation, which can also make you gay. Nothing is far from the truth.

Anal pleasure occurs in all sexes, sexual orientation and sexual status. They may not admit it, but they are there. Maybe they were doing it when you read this guide. As long as it's a mutually agreed thing, do your thing.

Anal Sex Tips

A vagina is warm and wet and expands to accommodate a penis or a sex toy. An anus is none of those things -well maybe warm- and does not come ready made for insertion.

Another necessary warning is to carefully insert the anus into your partner's anus. It's not folklore that emergency room doctors pull things out of people's donkeys. It did happen.

Please do not put anything in any anus that is not designed for the anus. This means that nothing has a trumpet-shaped end, nothing sharp, nothing alive, no glass, no flashlight, light bulb, carrot or cucumber. The anus is not like the vagina where there is a specific endpoint. It is not unusual for objects without a flared end to get lost up there and that means a trip to the ER if you are lucky. Surgery if you are not.

Lubricants must be applied to any type of anal game. The anus does not produce lubricants like the vagina does. It needs help to prepare for sex and sex play. There are some great lubricants for anal sex only, and there are other versatile lubricants. Use it. Quite a lot. In people's anus and anything you put on them. 

Do not use vaseline, cooking oil, butter or anything outside the kitchen. It doesn't work, destroying condoms and trapping bacteria. Companies that make lubricants spend a lot of time researching and testing their products before entering shelves. Let their expertise benefit you.

Condoms. Condoms. CONDOMS. This cannot be stressed enough. Because the anus is not the vagina the skin and tissue inside can be dryer and tear easier. Even with lube. That means HIV and other viruses as well as bacteria have an open pathway into your body.  Please, for the love of your own sexual health and that of your partner, use condoms when engaging in anal sex. Use latex or polyurethane gloves when putting a finger or fingers up there.

You can also place condoms on sex toys to make them safer and cleaner after sex. This applies to the vagina and anus.

Never ever go from ass to vagina or mouth. Never.  That is a surefire way to spread the bacteria in an anus to the vagina or mouth which can result is a serious infection. Wash your hands, penis, sex toy or whatever you are using first. And be sure to change condoms!

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