How to Use the Penis Ring Properly?

How to Use the Penis Ring Properly?

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Ensuring the proper use of a cock ring can have powerful effects in the bedroom, such as a harder erection, slower ejaculation, and more satisfying orgasms. In this article, we'll guide you through the proper way of putting on a cock ring, providing critical insight into the material, size, and penis circumference of VIVA AWA's top-of-the-line cock rings.

Why Use a Cock Ring?

For those seeking a supercharged sexual experience, the VIVA AWA Cock Ring is an excellent choice. It helps to create a slight pool of blood in the penis, and this leads to a stronger erection as well as an increased ability to delay ejaculation, meaning more time to savor the moment! Not only that, but it makes orgasm more powerful and intense.

How to Put on a Penis Ring?

The ring should be put on when the penis is flaccid or semi-erect. First, the ring is pulled over the glans to the middle of the shaft of the penis. From there it can be pulled further to the base of the penis and in a third stage pushed further around the testicles to the root of the penis. The penis will become stiff after putting on the ring.
The cock ring should fit snugly, but not so tight that it hurts. With stretchable silicone rings, one or two fingers should still be able to fit once the ring is at the base of the penis. With metal rings, two fingers absolutely have to fit. This way the penis still has enough space to erect after being put in place. If the size of the penis increases too much, this indicates swelling and the ring should be removed immediately.

How to Wear a Cock Ring?

Cock rings can be worn around the shaft of the penis or around the penis and testicles at the same time, at the so-called root of the penis. Cock rings are usually worn at the base of the penis. They can also be worn under the tip of the penis or in the middle of the shaft of the penis. This mainly applies to cock rings with vibrations, as they are designed to stimulate the clitoris. Cock rings that can be placed around the base of the penis should be put on when the penis is flaccid. You can first slip it over the testicles and then around the penis.

Cock Ring with or without Vibration?

There are penis rings with vibration and without vibration. Vibrating rings are suitable for couples as they stimulate the clitoris during sex. With this type of cock ring it is more typical to only wear the ring on the penis so that the clitoris can be optimally pampered.

What Size Penis Ring should I Choose?

There are very stretchy and adjustable cock rings that simply fit around the penis without the person with a penis necessarily having to pay attention to the circumference. These are particularly suitable for beginners who want to try a penis ring for the first time. However, in the case of cock rings that cannot be stretched, you need to know your exact size, i.e. the circumference of your penis. Here's how you can determine it:

Where and How to Measure the Size of My Penis?

Depending on where you want to wear the cock ring, there are small differences when measuring. Cockrings can be worn in 3 places on the penis :

    · Behind the testicles

    · In front of the testicles

    · Behind the glans

Did you find the right place? Next, measure the correct size for the penis ring. You can use a flexible measuring tape or a piece of yarn that can then be measured to help you. To measure, pull the measuring tape or string taut and place them around the appropriate spot to then measure the erect member accurately.

How to Calculate the Diameter:

The value you get when measuring is the circumference of the penis, this should be divided by 3.14 (pi). This is how you can calculate the diameter of the penis. There are plenty of calculators online that will be happy to do the math for you.

The Penis Ring Adapted to Your Size:

The diameter of the penis is not the same as the diameter of the penis ring. To find the right cock ring size, subtract about 3-5 mm from the diameter of your penis, then you get the right size for the diameter of the cock ring. Note: If you want to wear the cock ring around your penis and testicles at the same time, do not deduct the 3-5 mm.
When using a wide metal ring or other strong material, a slightly larger diameter should be chosen for the penis ring, as it cannot be cut or opened in an emergency if it is too tight.

Size Chart

78 mm25 mm
81mm26 mm
84 mm27 mm
88 mm28 mm
91mm29 mm
94mm30 mm
97 mm31mm
100 mm32mm
103 mm33 mm
106 mm34mm
110 mm35 mm
113 mm36 mm
116 mm37 mm
119 mm38 mm
122 mm39 mm

What Types of Cock Rings are There?

    Stretchy: Flexible and stretchy cock rings are usually made of silicone or rubber. As mentioned earlier, these cock rings are great for beginners to get used to the feeling of wearing them. They are easier to put on and easier to take off.

    Metal: Here it is important to know its exact size. The rings are not flexible and if they are the wrong size they can cut and restrict blood flow too much. Nevertheless, many people with a penis prefer metal rings like Malesation's cock ring, because the extra weight of the material and the hardness play a major role in the feeling of pleasure.

Silicone rings like Silicone Dual Penis Cock Ring are extremely stretchy and fit perfectly against the penis. Make sure one or two fingers still go through when you put the ring on, then the size is perfect.
Silicone Dual Penis Cock Ring  

Metal rings like Stainless Delay Cock Rings! Especially suitable for experienced ring bearers. When you put it on, make sure that two fingers still pass between the ring and the penis.
Stainless Delay Cock Rings 

What other special Cock Rings are There?

There are other cock rings that are particularly suitable for advanced users. Thus, some rings can be connected to an anal plug or used with a small dildo for double penetration.
App Remote Control Thrusting Anal Vibrator With Cock Ring 

  • Vibrating Penis Cock Ring is extremely flexible, vibrating and can be controlled via remote control. This special toy can be worn as a penis ring during sex, which not only stimulates the clitoris, but also add extra anal stimulation.

What Else is There to Know?

    · Don't forget the lubricating gel: the cock ring should always be put on with a lubricating gel. A water-based lubricant is the best choice because it can be used with all materials. The gel also makes it easier to remove the penis ring.

    · Set a time limit: the penis ring should not be worn for more than 20 minutes at a time. If numbness or pain is felt before this, the cock ring should be removed immediately.

    · Take it off: The penis ring can be removed as soon as the penis is flaccid or barely erect. When removing, be careful not to pull out pubic hair. It is generally recommended to shave your pubic hair before putting on a cock ring.

    · No Go's: Never fall asleep with a cock ring on.

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