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There are a lot of male friends who are using a male sex toy, and many people think that using a male sex toy can delay men. The following VIVAAWA mall will introduce you to the male sex toy can exercise delay, how to clean the male sex toy?

Can male sex toy exercise time delay?

1. Clean the male sex toy and do the disinfection work. This is the beginning of all actions and is also very important. VIVAAWA Mall believes that every time you open the male sex toy, there may be bacteria inside, which will affect the health of men.

2. Start your thrusting movement, use the male sex toy to rub up and down, and fully experience the pleasure brought by the female body.

3. When the body is fully erected, it begins to attract attention. Because if you are too fast, you may be able to reach your climax in minutes, then what you need at this time is to consciously lower the rate.

4. In this process, on the one hand, fully experience this kind of realism, on the other hand, we should treat this completely as a real scene and avoid premature disarming.

5. When you can't stand it quickly, or when you are about to climax, pause the current behavior first, and then take the male sex toy out for a while. Wait for the body to ease to reduce sensitivity.

6. When this process is repeated, you will have a very pleasant surprise: time has passed so much. In this way, the effect of the delay is slowly reached.

Cleaning of male sex toy

The first step, water rinse: Many people clean the male sex toy by opening the male sex toy. This method is wrong. Flip cleaning can easily damage the entrance of the male sex toy. The correct way is to open the entrance slightly. Open the faucet and let the flowing water fill the mold until the water overflows from the mold, allowing the flowing water to automatically flush out the dirt inside.

The second step, apply shower gel: apply shower gel or soap to clean the inner wall and the outside. Rinse repeatedly with your hands.

The third step, licking the inner wall: use your fingers to rub the inner wall, or use a soft brush to explore and clean. It feels that there is no sticky feeling of juice, which means it is almost washed.

The fourth step, wipe clean: After rinsing clean, use a dry cloth to stretch into the mold to wipe clean, do not wipe with a paper towel, otherwise leave paper scraps easy to breed bacteria.

Step 5: Spray disinfectant: Finally, spray the special male sex toy disinfectant inward and let it stand for about 1 minute. Then use a dry towel to stretch into the mold and wipe the cleaning and disinfectant clean. This is complete!

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone already knows that the male sex toy can exercise delay. Male friends use male sex toys and need to be cleaned as described above.