2 Pcs Vibrating Rings For Male Sex Toy
  • 2 Pcs Vibrating Rings For Male Sex Toy
  • 2 Pcs Vibrating Rings For Male Sex Toy
  • 2 Pcs Vibrating Rings For Male Sex Toy

2 Pcs Vibrating Rings For Male Sex Toy


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Rock your penis and her clitoris!


With the push of a button, the vibrator mounted on the top of the penis ring provides a steady pulse of pleasure, allowing both of you to enter the climax of climax! The clitoris itching will keep her screaming, while the elastic bulge The ring will make you work harder and longer!

Multi-speed vibration, touch a button

Soft gel ring for comfortable support

Single speed or multi-function riding mode

She is very happy

Use this incredible vibrating ring to make her crazy! If you are looking for a quick start that can travel with you and provide an instant sexual ability boost, the Big O Multi Level Vibrating Penis Ring is one for you!

Just wear a super-elastic gel penis ring – it will keep you in a comfortable bowel movement, and it will make your erection stronger, stronger and last longer! The elastic gel ring mounted on the top Is a fat, multi-stage atmosphere!

Touch the button on the vibrator and you will start a steady power pulse, which will make your woman's clitoris wild (it will also make your clitoris sting!) - then click the button, the vibrator of the penis ring will Stay on all kinds of pulses and patterns long enough for both of you to feel itchy, teasing and surprises - then the vibrations will switch! This is fun, amazing and enjoyable!

The free battery lets you use your big O multi-level vibrating penis ring right from the bag - just tear it open, tear off your clothes and go! This is a great travel sex toy and also a great way to strengthen one Spontaneous encounters!

When you're done, just wash your vibrating ring with mild soap and water or a sex toy cleaner!

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