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There are many types of condoms. In India, how to choose condoms in India?Is it safe to use low price condoms in India? What are the best condoms brands in India? how to choose. We need to understand the following aspects of the condom to determine which condom you are suitable for.

What is a condom?

It is a non-oral drug that prevents the combination of sperm and egg by physically isolating the contact between the penis and the uterus, thereby preventing pregnancy. In addition to the function of contraception, the most important function of condoms is to prevent the spread of various sexually transmitted diseases and effectively reduce the infection rate of common sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea and AIDS.

Indeed,condoms are indeed "safe" relative to other forms of contraception. Compared with oral contraceptives, the safety of condoms is mainly reflected in two aspects: fewer side effects and higher success rate.

What are the types of condoms?

There are many types of condoms, including male condoms, female condoms and alternative condoms. According to the characteristics of the shape, the amount of lubricant, the thermal sensation, the flat/bump thread, the size, the thickness, the fragrance, and the like, the condoms are classified into various categories. In addition to the most common condoms, a condom usually comes with several different properties to ensure the most comfortable experience for the consumer. Therefore, it is difficult to subdivide the type of condom. The surface of the condom has a small amount of retardant at the top of the condom, which can delay the time of male ejaculation and the time to reach orgasm, and is more conducive to women's climax, thereby improving the sexual satisfaction of both parties and increasing the intimacy between partners.

Female condoms are mainly female. If women do not want men to stop wearing condoms during sex, then female condoms are a good choice. The female condom is made of transparent polyurethane plastic, soft and tough, covering both the female vaginal entrance and the male penis base, and is no worse than the male condom in terms of contraception.

Alternative condoms, as the name suggests, refer to a range of "alternative" condoms, including invisible condoms, oral sex condoms, and anti-violent condoms: invisible condoms can increase the comfort of sex; oral sex condoms have a choice Different tastes add interest; there is also an anti-violent condom, a condom that was invented to stop rape.

What are the uses of condoms?

Condoms, as the most common form of contraception, have many effects. It has been proven that wearing a condom can prevent male semen containing sperm from entering the female genitalia and effectively avoiding pregnancy. However, in addition to contraception, it has many other functions, such as prevention of sexual diseases, prolonged sexual intercourse, etc., and even treatment of certain infertility.

First, prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Although condoms do not completely prevent all diseases transmitted through sexually transmitted diseases, they can keep most of the infectious diseases out, which is a simple and effective method. Tests have shown that latex condoms can act as a barrier to effectively isolate herpes simplex virus, Chlamydia trachomatis, cytomegalovirus, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Treponema pallidum and Hepatitis B virus. Data shows that if used properly,condoms can block more than 90% of sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS.

Second, extend the time of sexual intercourse.

Some men have premature ejaculation problems, many of which are caused by their sexual nerves being too "excited" and unable to withstand "stimulation", more common in newlyweds. The use of condoms can relatively reduce the irritating effect of friction and female secretion on the glans, reduce the local sensitivity of the glans, delay the ejaculation time, and effectively improve the premature ejaculation.

Third, treatment of infertility.

Condoms can also cure infertility? The answer is yes, but most people don't know the magical function of the condom. This is because many people do not understand infertility and its causes, let alone the infertility caused by the production of anti-sperm antibodies in women. Normally, anti-sperm antibodies are not produced in women. However, if the female genital tract absorbs the entered semen, it will produce anti-sperm antibodies, the sperm will lose vitality and fertility, and will further increase the female anti-sperm antibody, a vicious circle. Condoms can treat this type of immune infertility: use condoms correctly when the couple live, avoid direct contact between the sperm and the vagina, and remove factors that stimulate the production of anti-sperm antibodies in women. In this way, after 6 to 12 months, the anti-sperm antibodies in the woman will basically disappear, and then normal sexual intercourse will be carried out in the non-safe period, that is, the purpose of conception can be achieved.

As we all know, condoms are also called condoms

Their main function is to ensure the safety of sexual behavior and to prevent unintended pregnancy or one of the infectious diseases. So, how safe is this "condom"? The safety of condoms is mainly reflected in two aspects: high safety factor and low side effects.

How safe is the brand condom?

What is the chance of wearing a condom but still getting pregnant? This is a problem that many people are very concerned about. Data shows that the probability of failure to use condoms correctly is almost less than 3%. As long as the correct use of condoms is achieved, the success rate is higher than the birth control ring. Condoms not only have a high contraceptive rate, but also have many benefits for women, so they are favored by many contraceptive women.

In addition, condoms also perform well in terms of effective preventive diseases. After the introduction of condom use, the chances of infection of these diseases have dropped significantly. Because of this, more than 40 million couples around the world use condoms as a sexual protection, and condoms are the safest, most convenient and effective way to protect them.

Low side effects of condoms

Condoms are the most widely used contraceptive tools in all contraceptives. For those who have serious diseases such as heart, lung, liver and kidney and cannot use drugs or birth control contraceptives, choose condoms for contraception. The best thing is. Moreover, condoms have almost no side effects at all, and there is no adverse effect on the human body except for those who are allergic to rubber. Compared with sterilization and hormonal contraceptives, condoms avoid the side effects of ingesting drug residues, do not change any human signs and physiology.

Understand the above content, I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of condoms, then choose the brand condom, the same is true, from the above described several aspects to consider, to buy a more satisfactory brand condom.

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