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What are the adult games online? Lace lingerie is the choice of many women who want to improve their glamour in the couple's life. The vividness of lace can stimulate the vision of male partners. So you know what are the precautions for adult games online lace lingerie? Let's take a look.

Adult games online--Notes on lace lingerie

1, adult games online lingerie should not be worn too tightly

Erotic underwear should not be worn too tightly. The female's vaginal opening, urethral opening and anus are very close. If the underwear is too tightly worn, it is easy to produce frequent friction with the vulva, anus and urethra. The bacteria in the dirt (mostly anal, vaginal secretions) enter the vagina or the urethra, causing infection of the urinary system or the reproductive system.

2, adult games online should not wear dark sexy underwear

Erotic underwear should not be worn too tightly. Because of women suffering from vaginitis and reproductive system tumors, leucorrhea may appear turbid, even red and yellow. These are signs of disease, if early detection and timely treatment, You can get better results. If you wear a dark or patterned panty, the vaginal discharge of the lesion cannot be detected in time, and it is likely to delay its condition.

3, adult games online should not wear chemical fiber sexy underwear

It is not suitable to wear chemical fiber underwear, although the price is relatively cheap, but the permeability and hygroscopicity is very poor, which is not conducive to the tissue metabolism of the perineum, and the secretions of the leucorrhea and perineal glands are not easily volatilized, which will make The genital area is wet all day.

There are several styles of adult games online lace lingerie? games online Lace-up lace lingerie: Ultra-high-length underwear with straps on both sides of the waist for strapping. This underwear is bold and hot, suitable for women of all sizes. . As long as you untie the rope on one side, it is enough to stimulate. games online lace lace sexy underwear: the material is mainly translucent, surrounded by lace piping, is a typical representative of romantic "inner beauty", pubic hair looming, visually provocative, direct touch by hand is also a pleasure . games online open lace sexy lingerie: this kind of underwear happens to be unobstructed between the two strands, if you wear a mini skirt out, it is enough to be fearful, this is a stunned, hot design.

Adult games online washing lace underwear notes

1. Lace is made of 100% polyester or half polyester half cotton. Machine washing may damage the lace. If you choose hand washing or expensive, you can get it in the laundry.

2, when cleaning lace, use mild soap or detergent to clean delicate textiles. Before cleaning, put the towel in the pool, wash it and then use the towel to pick up the lace. This will prevent the lace from being accidentally pulled off. Wrap the wet lace in a towel to remove moisture, then spread them on the table to dry naturally.