Adult sex game

Xunzi is also very common in ordinary life, but few people know that adult sex game has the presence of husband and wife. For the first time, friends who have heard of couples and fun can come to understand adults with the footsteps of Xiaobian. Sex game

How do couples play with fun?

Adult sex game couple fun scorpion play sex game first takes out two dice, each of which has different fonts printed on six sides. Each of the men and women throws a dice, one of them throws the dice of the action, and the other person prints the dice. Scorpion

2. After the fun scorpion is thrown, the corresponding action and part will appear on the scorpion, and both sides can perform the combination according to the action part above the scorpion. For example, the man throws a "suck" word, and then the woman throws a "hip-up" word, and the man presses the upper side of the action to attract the woman's jade hip.

The role of adult sex game couples

This product can promote emotional communication between couples, has fun, easy to play, can better promote the relationship between husband and wife, a certain emotional promotion role! Also, this product is a very good gift.

The role of adult sex game sex toys

Treatment improves sexual function; increases sexual interest; meets sexual needs in special situations. In terms of reproduction, those who are afraid of sexually transmitted diseases, those who are unconditionally married, those who are long-term or who are living alone, and those who have strong sexual desires, when the couple’s sexual life fails to make a living, male impotence and female sexually indifferent patients, the husband and wife are sick or disabled and cannot Those who are sexually active can achieve sexual orgasm and obtain sexual gratification through sexual stimulation.

Adult sex game

Cosplay believes that everyone has heard it! And this is more common in love films, both adult sex game couples can try role-playing to reproduce the most beautiful and beautiful screen moments that both of them remember.

Adult sex game

Over the clouds, the heat, this time adult sex game may try to slide the ice across the lips and the inside of the thigh. When the other party can't help it, don't give up, because the house is just to seek happiness, and will find a great feeling.

Adult sex game licking each other

In the adult sex game, there are a lot of nerve endings under the scalp, which explains why the massage head feels very comfortable. This contact promotes the secretion and flow of oxytocin, making the couple feel closer. This move will pave the way for a long romantic pastime in front of the house.

Adult sex game makes good use of the sofa

This method is said to be embarrassing. Sofa, a magical thing! An adult sex game can try the man sitting on the sofa, his wife sitting face to face on his lap, the wife can swing back and forth when kissing, sex experts said that this will bring extreme sexual pleasure, and The crazier the action, the more exciting it is.