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Ever since I used the little monster ring (hey! I can't see the goods being used, hahaha), the little fairy was born and slammed the old driver and didn't come back, once broke into thousands of fun worlds, lush vibrator youth Version

Sex toys are so cumbersome? nonexistent! Today, many sex toys are sprouting. Since God gave the organ, we should feel its feelings.

Lush vibrator - jumping eggs

In the country, the storage of ducks and sex toys is an inexpressible thing, and the products are ugly and even more difficult to express. Therefore, the design of the lush vibrator is a small fresh, sprouting route. It is like a small toy in your hand. When you are born, you have a net red temperament. At first glance, it is different from the outside. To sum up, the little monster is an entry-level vibrating egg. There are three versions: Basic, Youth, and Health. The youth version has 3 colors, almost the same shape, like a little dolphin, but every little dolphin has different fireworks: the little fairy starts to use this "death Barbie powder" - Mr. Devil, the main attack on the interior wall and A point. The warning of the heart explosion of the girl in the hand, the physical color is not as spicy as the official figures.

The switch is at the end, long-press the switch, short press the switch mode, the operation is simple, the vibration mode is many, the official said 8 kids, I have not counted, the vibration is very strong, the waterproof is not faulty. The second gear rose again, and the shock was stunned. The devil's temper appeared, and the hand could not hold back.

Introducing the lush vibrator

In addition to head vibration, Mr. Devil's tail can also be beaten. This swaying little tail can't stop. The sisters followed the little dolphins and walked up. Slasher made this material... Silicone is smooth, but it's hard and the entrance is hard. This is outspoken... well, you can't expect a touch like leather. But the silicone wrapped inside is a good lens, as a simple jumping egg is a good thing. It is not eye-catching. As a net red egg, it is really smart. A single artifact, a different artifact. The young monster version starts with Bluetooth (the basic version doesn't have Bluetooth, it's a simple jump) and you can connect to the Little Monster app to play. Little fairy naturally wants to have fun, awesome~~~

How to use a lush vibrator

Gesture the remote, you slide freely, it just shakes.

Not only can you play on your own, but you can also play other people's waveforms.

Open the app, the old driver shares the queue, choose a 321 to start... Weng Weng, ha ha ha haha.

Lush vibrator - devil function...

Stranger, remote, remote control, Momye~ picture is too wonderful, can't think of it!

Male ticket in the field? nonexistent! Come here, open QQ, turn on the camera, even wheat, ready to go, the biggest highlight of the youth version is the Bluetooth function, there is also an interesting app, stability overall stability is OK, cost-effective, high playability.

Where do you buy lush vibrators? The official website can meet all your needs.