Artificial Penis

What is a artificial penis?

Simply put, artificial penis is any sex toy used for insertion; Vagina, opposite sex or spoken. The word dildo has a fascinating history, and it seems that every few months archaeologists discover an artifact with a distinct penis shape from an ancient civilization. Although today's stones or animal horns are not usually used to make artificial penis, they do come in many varieties, from glass to stainless steel to medical-grade silicone, and even 24-carat gold like OLGA.

What makes artificial penis artificial penis doesn't have to be like a penis (in fact, any trip to a sex toy store today will show you the semi-realistic and fantastic shapes on the market), or whether it's used for masturbation, hanging nails, or in some other way as a strap for two women; Rather, the general consensus of artificial penis is not everything they do, but something they can't do: vibrate.