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Which artificial sex toys materials are best: silicone, glass and others

Every artificial sex toys material has its privileges and its downfall. It can be confusing to find out the ingredients and determine which piece is your cupcake. Many manufacturers come up with different names for the same material for marketing purposes, which is just confusing. We'll guide you through the top artificial sex toys and the materials they're made of, explaining why silicone toys are cream and magic real surrealistic wands like skin.

In the name of simplicity, our experienced professionals have gathered some common materials and won them their victory. Some have the upper hand in terms of security, some strike others with texture, and others are best at vibrating without chaos. Dig and look for badges!

Pure silicone artificial sex toys

First, silicone sex toys are luxurious. Even without special functions, the smooth touch is very good and you can touch it by yourself. Silicone makes sex toys very flexible, allowing you to bend backwards for your fun. Sex toys made of silicone are of the highest quality and easy to take care of. The only trick is to separate them from other silicone accessories or lubricants because it can damage the material. Silicone toys are 100% medical grade, 100% porous, phthalate-free, latex free, hypoallergenic, tasteless, tasteless, serializable. Simple and perfect.

Elegant glass artificial sex toys

Glass sex toys are works of art. Since the main material is usually borosilicate glass, these toys are almost indestructible. Their elegant, delicate shapes, with quivering bumps, patches and spirals, give you a sense of the core. Their robustness makes them an absolute choice for applying pressure to the performance zone - like the g-spot for pressure. Sex toys made of glass are easy to maintain and care for because you can boil them to sterilize them. No pressure. The glass rod is not hurt by the temperature, but it has been easy to accept recently, which means that the temperature playing with those little bad boys is incredible.

Unexpected artificial sex toys in plastic

Want a lot? Hard plastic is your hard win. When you need something that features silicone sex toys, hard plastic sex toys are the most important, but easier on the budget. While plastic toys aren't as smooth as silicone, they're still nonporous, phthalate-free and smooth. They are easy to clean and maintain - with no special precautions, such as interesting silicone. Fun part - plastic sex toys come in a variety of colors and you can have a gradient orgasm. Oh, the main feature of plastic vibrators - they don't produce a strong buzz like they do, so... The SWOOSH.

Thermoplastic rubber toys (TPR)

They're soft! They are affordable! They're super lightweight! They're TPR sex toys. Another part of the silicone toy product, rubber toys are legendary for their beginner friendly quality. Think about trying a bigger dildo? Bet TPR. Want to play anal games? TPR plugs and probes for loot are your first choice. Because of how flexible they are, rubber tongs are very safe, which means you can use them very safely. They do have a subtle smell and taste and are best used with condoms - especially when Shared - because they are porous. But hey - they're a great budget choice.

PVC artificial sex toys

Do you have this jelly? Yes, we think you are. PVC toys are the exact opposite of glass toys - they are super soft, very wobbly and not suitable for g-spot stimulation. But wait - does that mean it's a bad thing? PVC gadgets are supreme at conveying realistic textures, they can be easily bent to any Angle you want, and they're good for your wallet.

Skin like gadget

Well, lots of skin-like sex toys are right in front of you - no pun intended. Super realistic, they're more realistic than silicone sex toys because they're meant to replicate human skin. Skin-like teeth are porous, so they are not suitable for sharing unless used with condoms. The material is fragile; It may melt if left in a hot place or in direct sunlight. Still, these sex toys are often made from real-life porn stars, allowing you to play with the hottest fantasies.