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In the process of sex, using the illusion bathmate shock clip can give the clitoris a perfect tremor of 5-15 minutes, can achieve the stimulating requirements of women to achieve perfect orgasm, let women experience the perfect orgasm. What's more, the illusion bathmate shocks both stimulate the female clitoris and the male penis, allowing couples to experience perfect orgasm.

illusion bathmate shock folder

Vibrant bathmate shock clip is a vibrating vibrator with stronger vibration: stronger 30% vibration effect, up to 20 minutes tremor experience, helping lovers to easily reach the peak of pleasure; shocking teasing: modeling Unique, more fun, give her a strong stimulation, give him a different kind of teasing; tremors and joy: ultra-low mute, waterproof design, battery replacement, soft and easy to use, even in the bathroom can "shake" to enjoy the passion.

illusion bathmate shock clip advantage

There are many advantages to the vibration clamp: 1. Stronger 30% vibration effect; 2. Simple to use; 3. Easy to switch; 4. Waterproof design, 8CM for the whole field; 5. Replaceable battery; 6. Additional stimulation for female clitoris; The appearance is unique, and it is used to increase the taste; 8. The size of the adjustable ring is comfortable to wear. It is not easy to slip during use and is suitable for men of different penis sizes. 8. The vibrating part is soft and flexible, ensuring that the clitoris and other sensitive parts are not injured.

illusion bathmate shock clip

Steps to use: 1. If using a condom, wear a condom first, then bring a bathmate shock clip; 2. Put the rubber band of the bathmate shock clip along the penis to stimulate the female clitoris; 3. Switch the switch Push in, if you are concerned, carefully pull out the cockroach; 4. Enjoy it, absolutely irritating.

The use of the vibrating clamp allows you to place the electric handle on top of the penis and give her a tremor; it can also be placed under the penis to make him feel irritated. The bathmate can also be worn on the finger to stimulate the clitoris more flexible, giving her a different kind of stimulation.

The illusion bathmate shock clip is easy to use and brings a new orgasm experience to both lovers. But be careful: this item is only suitable for adults. And no contraceptive effect. Also, please read the instruction manual before use. And after the illusion bathmate shock clip is used up, keep it in a cool, dry place.

Sex refers to the clip, everyone will think of the milk clip, which is a bit of a taste of sex toys. However, what we want to say here is the Huanjue bathmate shock clip. The sensation bathmate shock clip is a new item of sex toys, and its effect is to let couples enjoy a powerful and powerful tremor!

Bathmate shock clip - super cool special effects

The bathmate shock absorber is 30% stronger than ordinary vibrating equipment and has a 20-minute tremor experience. It helps the lover to easily reach the peak of pleasure; its unique shape can add interest, give her a strong excitement, give him a different kind of teasing And it needs to be ultra-bass muted, waterproof, replaceable battery and other design, making it easy to use, even in the bathroom can "shake" to enjoy the passion