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India is one of the four ancient civilizations. In addition to yoga, sex is also one of its most proud of it. From the 2nd to the 8th century AD, Indian monks who came to China often taught the Chinese from best indian sex. In India's sex-making posture, it is recognized that the most worth learning is the "stand-up". Specifically, the woman stands back and leans forward, and uses her arms to climb the legs, and then the man enters from the front; but the woman who is not soft enough does not try it easily, and the best indian sex is almost as hard as the yoga movement. Below, I will introduce you to the best indian sex “Indian Bed Spirit”.

Best indian sex first move: at a glance

Action description: The woman is lying on her side, and then supports the upper body or the head with one elbow. One leg is close to the ground plane and the other leg is lifted straight and the legs are wide open. The man crosses the woman's body on the thigh close to the ground plane and enters the woman's body. And hug the thighs raised by the woman, or put the woman's thighs on the shoulders of the man. The man can adjust the angle of the woman's thigh to open according to the needs of the two.

Best indian sex second trick: sexy mermaid

Action Description: The woman first lie down on the bed, on the edge of the table or on any platform, and lift the legs up and straight. The woman places her hands under the buttocks to raise the pelvis, or she can grab the chin, the edge of the table or the edge of the platform. The man stands or picks up in front of the woman's raised legs and then enters the woman's body. The man can grab the woman's foot to increase stability in depth.

Best indian sex third trick: hot sticky bada

Action Description: The woman is lying face up, knees so that the foot is close to the thigh or under the thigh, hands on the head, the man lie down on her, legs straight, grab her shoulders with both hands or Waist side. The man can go deep into the shallow, or use the up and down, left and right or arc to change the stimulus point when entering.

Best indian sex--carousel

The man supports the head with a pillow, his legs open and straighten. The woman sits on the side of the man's waist, legs crossed the man's abdomen, supports the body with both hands, and swings the hips on the man's abdomen or thigh. Crossed in a cross. The woman opens her legs slightly so that the man enters the woman's body and then makes a maneuver.

Best indian sex--Tengyun Xiaolong

The female side lay flat, hands straight over the head, legs slightly open, and placed one or two pillows under the pubis. The male side covered the woman on the side and then entered the woman's body. The man replaces the thrust with the action of the maneuver.

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