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Lubricant Banana Cream Sex Lube Body Massage Oil Lubricant for Anal Sex Grease Oral Vaginal Love Gel 30ml
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1. Stimulate libido, improve sensitivity and enhance pleasure sensation2. Bright and transparent, co..

Lubricant Strawberry Cream Sex Lube Body Massage Oil Lubricant for Anal Sex Grease Oral Vaginal Love Gel 50ml
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1. Stimulate libido, improve sensitivity and enhance pleasure sensation2. Bright and transparent, co..

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How to choose the Best sex Lube

It's no secret that sex is more enjoyable in humid environments. Sexual lubricants can improve your love life. There are many lubricating oils on the market. To choose the right lubricating oil, you need to consider your type of sexual behavior, contraceptive measures and sex toys you may use. Comfort and safety come first, and you follow closely behind.

Start from the base

Water-based personal lubricants, also known as water-based lubricants, are the rulers of the lubricant kingdom. Water-based lubricants have excellent smoothness, are perfectly compatible with the largest number of contraceptives and sex toys, and are super cool. They won't stain your clothes or sheets, they did it themselves-reapply vigilance! -They are easily washed away by water. By the way, this can be a disadvantage if you plan to jump in the shower.

Silicone lubricants are super thick, super long lasting and reduce friction to a minimum-that's their choice 1 anal. They are compatible with latex products and work perfectly with glass, metal or wood, but they are not the leader in other silicone items such as toys. Don't mix silicone lube with silicone toys-this will be the latest death. However, if you like water games, silicon lubricants are the champion you need to provide you with a frictionless slippery 'slip' experience.

Hybrid private lubricants are silicone resins or a mixture of oil and water, so they are both. Very thick, low friction, and very delicate mess-free sheets between the sheets, easily compatible with silicone toys. Mixed lubricants can be used with latex condoms as long as there is no oil in them.

Oil-based lubricants are what you want when you solo-sexy, not too thick, not too messy-just to make you smooth. They work well with silicone toys, glass, metal, or other materials, but it's best not to mix them with latex condoms-oil can damage them.

Where can I buy Best Lube?

Our desserts are sensitive and need to be treated with care. Choose a reputable and recommended dealer. Large companies often have good lubricants, but they often don't have a specified foundation, thus making their lubricants dangerous with the use of silicone toys. On the other hand, sex toy dealers always provide this specification, so be sure to pay attention to them for your toy box.

When using a lubricant is necessary?

Although lubricating oil is really necessary, only when there is not enough natural lubricating oil to perform-that is, anal sex-any type of sexy action can benefit from being lubricated. Whether you are playing solo or with a dance partner, having a lubricant on hand will make your performance smooth. Also, if there is a problem with natural drying (due to recent births, breastfeeding, aging, etc.), lubricants are your best friends-they fix everything!

Do you need lubricating oil for oral sex?

Blowing on oral sex will become more interesting. Flavored lubricants can turn your oral treatment into a full dessert! Other lubricants can be bitter and can ruin this experience, so what you want is a food option for Australians to kiss. They are made from mild, body-friendly ingredients and are completely safe for consumption. Just make sure the lube is sugar-free, as this can stimulate Candida growth-definitely not the side effect you want.

Are you allergic to sexual lubricants?

Frankly, any type of lubricant can cause allergies, even those with a "hypoallergenic" label. That's why you don't worry when you buy the bottle, just drop a drop on your wrist and check for allergies. If the area becomes red or itchy, wash it out and let it dry, wait for the redness to disappear before trying other products. If you have any questions, don't forget to consult your doctor.