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What is Butt plug?

Butt plug is a very popular sex toy for anal games. It usually takes the form of a short round knob with a round bell mouth for easy removal and insertion. However, today they are available in shapes and sizes ranging from long to short, from tiny to huge. Both men and women love them because they can make the butt holes very full and stretched widely. Plus, they can be comfortably worn for long periods of time-even all day!

Why should I use Butt plug?

There are two main reasons why people use butt plugs. One just because it feels great! The anal plug sticks out of the anus, making you feel a tingling but pleasant burning sensation, which makes you feel fuller than you think. The second reason is the combination of fun and function: anal plugs can be used for anal training! By starting with smaller butt plugs and gradually increasing to larger and thicker sizes, you can get used to stretching the butt holes so that it can accept even the largest toys, such as a dildo-even the partner's huge cock!Butt Plug India

Can men use Butt plug?

Yes they can! Butt plugs were originally designed for male use, and today they remain very popular among men of all ages, races and sexual orientations. Men like to use hip plugs because they usually have more sensitive butt holes and can greatly enjoy anal stimulation. Some extra long thick butt plugs may even reach the prostate, stroking it all day long while staying blocked!

Can women use Butt plug?

absolute! Not only men can enjoy the feeling of being stretched by the butt plug. Although women do not have a prostate, many women prefer anal sex and anal training, the latter of which only provides docking. Today, many docking plug designs and styles are actually designed for female (and sissy!) Use, such as jewelry or princess docking plugs, which are both stylish and beautiful, and can effectively bring joy to users .

Which Butt plug is best for beginners?

If you have never used a butt plug before, it is definitely recommended that you start with a smaller butt plug rather than immediately "jumping off the deep end" and sticking a huge, thick one up your ass-hole. Here in our Lovegasm catalog, we have a special category set aside for beginner-appropriate butt plugs, featuring smaller, thinner, shorter designs and soft, easy to use and clean materials such as silicone. Once you get used to these beginner plugs, you can work your way up to our larger and more extreme offerings.

What is tail Butt plug?

These butt plugs pair a traditional base with a long, flowing real or faux fur tail in the style of a popular animal. When you insert these butt plugs, you can twitch and shake your hips from side to side, causing the tail to shimmy and shift just like it was really attached to you! Bring out your inner wild side with the help of one of our amazingly high quality tail plugs.

Well, what's your favorite animal? Your spirit animal? What animal do you think best embodies how you truly are inside? Does your partner have any cute animal-related nicknames for you, such as "kitten" or "puppy"? Consider all of these questions, and then choose the tail butt plug which best matches with your answers. However, if you can't decide, there's no reason to worry - there's absolutely nothing stopping you from buying one of every tail plug and starting your very own amazing - or is that "paw-mazing?" - collection!Butt Plug India

What Are VIibrating Butt plugs?

Love butt plugs? Adore vibrators? Then why not explore the best of both worlds? Vibrating butt plugs both stretch out your ass-hole AND introduce it to a variety of intense buzzing, vibrating sensations in a range of different speeds and patterns. Powered by a small, discreet but immensely effective motor, these vibrating butt plugs come in all sizes from S to XXL, and some are even controllable via external remotes so that you can submit yourself to your partner's domination!

What Are EXPANDING Butt plugs?

Like a big, intense stretch - but only sometimes? Prefer variation in your play, letting your ass-hole experience everything from thin to thick depending on the day? Then an expanding butt plug might just be right for you! These "flower-shaped," "petaled" butt plugs start out small but can quickly be expanded to absolutely unbelievably large sizes. You can even expand your plug WHILE it is filling up your ass-hole! Perfect for the experienced butt plug veteran looking for something new, expanding butt plugs are truly a modern innovation!

What Are Hollow or Tunnel Butt Plugs?

Hollow butt plugs, also known as tunnel butt plugs, are another unique option from Lovegasm which is great for spicing up your plug play for veterans looking for a brand new adventure (although newbies can enjoy them too!) These butt plugs are cylindrical and rounded in shape, rather than tapered, and feature a large hole running through the center. A wide variety of objects and substances can be inserted into this hole - everything from enemas to lube to other toys such as dildos to even your partner's cock! Want to have your brains fucked out while you're all plugged up? With a hollow butt plug, you can make this dream a reality!

What Are Suction cup butt plugs?

The suction cup butt plug is designed for sex toy lovers who want to have sex with them anytime, anywhere! Thick suction cups on the base securely secure the docking plug to a variety of surfaces, including wooden and tile floors, glass, mirrors, or the side of a bathtub or shower. You can connect the plug anytime, anywhere, and then you can go out of town! Try cycling while sitting on the plug and sealing it to the floor, or attach it to a wall and support it on the floor! You can even attach it to a mirror and watch your ass fully open and stretch around the plug!

What material is butt plug material made of?

Generally, the butt plug is made of one of three common materials. Silicone is the softest material and is recognizable because it is available in a variety of colors, from the dominant black to the delicate pink with plenty of red, blue and purple in the middle. The stainless steel is gleaming and imposing, and its shiny silver or black and cool texture are immediately recognized. Finally, the glass is strong and delicate, aesthetically pleasing, with a variety of patterns and designs that no other material can achieve.Butt Plug India

What are the benefits of stainless steel butt plugs?

Stainless steel may look elegant at first, but in fact, it is an excellent material, and it is recommended to try every butt plug fan. It's safe, healthy and easy to clean, which means you have no reason to feel anxious when using a stainless steel plug. In addition, they can warm up or cool down with a little effort, making them perfect for anyone who wants to try a temperature game. Finally, the stainless steel plug is extremely sexy and stylish, and it pairs perfectly with leather and metal restraints!

What are the benefits of glass butt plugs?

The glass butt plug is widely regarded as the most beautiful and beautiful part in the butt plug material series. Made of exquisite transparent materials with exquisite colors such as blue, pink and purple, some glass butt plugs are even decorated with exquisite patterns or designs made by sex toy craftsmen around the world.

What is the shape of the butt plug?

Any shape you might think of! The shape of the "standard" butt plug is squat and round, which is extremely unique among other longer and thinner sex toys. However, you can also find docking plugs of various shapes. Narrow massagers usually come in the form of prostate massagers or beginner's hip plugs, while large or inflated massagers are usually so thick that they look round like solid balls. There are even curved, textured and twisted butt plugs to provide an extra unique look!

How do I put in a butt plug?

Inserting the butt plug is a very simple process. However, it is still recommended that you do some preparation first. First, stretch your butt hole with one finger or at least two or three fingers to make it ready to take the full width of your thick butt plug. Absolutely use a lot of lube, especially if you are still used to inserting a docking plug into a sex game. Once extended, you can slowly insert the butt plug into the butt hole. Not only is it recommended to insert slowly for safety reasons, but when the anus feels that amazing stretch every millimeter, it feels great too!stretch!

How do I remove the plug?

Removing the docking plug is easier than inserting the docking plug. Grasp the open bottom (or ring, if using anal beads), then begin pulling slowly but firmly. You will feel the plug begin to slide out of your butt. It is recommended that you move slowly, as this will give you time to close the butt hole when removing the toy, and make you more accustomed to the feeling of becoming empty after filling such a long time.

Can I use BUTT PLUG to masturbate?

This is absolutely what you can do! Masturbating with a docking plug is a fun and unique experience that allows you to stimulate various parts of your body. You can even pair it with other sex toys, such as a cock ring or pocket cat (male) or a dildo, vibrator or nipple clip set (female). Stimulate your butt by pushing the butt plugs against the friction-sensitive inner wall or pushing them in and out at a speed of your choice. You can even watch yourself masturbating in the mirror for extra sexiness!

Can I use BUTT PLUG with my partner?

Yes, you can! Many men and women find that they like to fill their butt holes when they are penetrated or penetrated by their partner. It allows recipients to experience a unique dual penetration sensation, or leave their butt under the care of a toy with the attention of a partner's cat, cock, or other sensitive part of the body. Intense multi-target stimulation may lead to some of the most pleasing, orgasmic body shakes!


Yes, they are! Butt plugs are made of sturdy material and they won't break no matter how rough you get in your bedroom. They are comfortably prepared for use, and can be inserted and removed without causing any damage. Just make sure to keep them clean and use a lot of lube, your butt plug experience will be completely safe!

How do you clean the butt plug?

The docking plug should be cleaned in exactly the same way as other standard types of sex toys. Wipe it with a damp cloth (warm water can be used, but avoid boiling it!) And clean it with a mild odorless soap or detergent. If you are looking for a quick solution that you can buy anywhere, try a mild face wash or baby-safe body wash or shampoo. Finally, don't forget to dry the docking plug completely-it's unpleasant to stick a wet dripping toy on your butt!

Can you use other sex toys with butt plug?

Yes, you can! Try to pair the plug with a toy that is also focused on the cock, pussy or breast to capture irritating stimuli. Woman, why not pair the butt plug with a thick dildo and try to push them in and out together? Men, tie a ring around the root of your cock and stop yourself orgasm to make fun of yourself when you drive yourself crazy with a nice, thick plug. Absolutely everyone can clamp the nipples for the perfect sense of pleasure, pain and stretch!


Yes, you can! There is no rule that says you can only have one docking plug. In addition, having different sizes means that whether you want a big fanfare or a slim body that day, you can always use it to tease your butt hole. So why not try a set of docking plugs (such as a three-piece set with small, medium, and large varieties) to give you the flexibility to try many different types of plug-and-play features?