Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are a great way to enhance sexual pleasure because they stimulate sensitive anal nerve endings that you have overlooked for years.

Inserting a butt plug into sex is much easier than you think, and once you learn how to make the most of these wonderful sex toys, you may wonder how to live without them.

Can you put on the butt plug during sex?

Whether you are a man or a woman, you can wear a docking plug while having sex. Wearing a docking plug gives you a feeling of fullness and a little stress, which is different from pain.

Indeed, if you feel any pain while using the butt plug, you should stop doing what you do, as any type of sexual activity will not cause you pain.

The stress and fullness you feel is normal, and when you use a docking plug, they greatly promote your enjoyment of pornography.

In most cases, butt plugs are used in addition to genital stimulation, as each stimulus in two different areas of sexual desire is pure ecstasy.

If you have frequent intercourse while doing a docking, it can double your happiness quickly and produce some of the most exciting orgasms you have ever experienced.

This makes perfect sense when you think about it, because doubling the stimulus is always equal to doubling the fun and doubling the ecstasy.

One of the reasons it feels good to have sex with a docking plug is because you feel plump and tight when you have sex in this way.

Being stimulated in two different parts of the body is a real erotic experience, and the orgasm you receive will make you wonder why you have never used a docking plug before.

Butt Plugs Foreplay

Even if you're used to docking activity, you should always keep it slow. In fact, slowness and stability are a great way to deal with foreplay involving butt plugs, as this will make both parties' activities more sexy.

You can start by setting the right mood, including turning on some soft music, dimming the lights and enjoying a glass of wine.

Once started, you can massage your thighs and buttocks with hard pressure just like any other type of massage.

When you finally insert the plug into your partner's anus, you can tease out the area slightly by pushing it in and out slowly, changing the pressure and speed of the compression based on your partner's response.

Once you start, you can become creative at the event, and your partner can even help you by telling you what is good and bad.

Of course, ideally, you and your partner will discuss in advance the acceptable and unacceptable conditions in the bedroom, as everyone is different and has different tastes and preferences.

Then you will know what to do from the start, and the possibilities are endless when producing amazing results.

Once again, being able to stimulate two different parts of the body is priceless, and unless you try it, you will never realize how different it is. You can also do this in multiple ways, as you can use a docking plug for the anus and a dildo or penis for regular sexual activity.

Let's face it, all couples have their own preferences or even fetishes in the bedroom, and by adding a docking plug to the game time, you can satisfy almost all of them.

How does using a docking plug work while you are still having sex? It's not as awkward or difficult as you think. If you start some foreplay with a docking plug, it usually helps so you can wake both parties up.

When ready, you should insert the plug into a comfortable position, then make sure it is inserted correctly and moved forward.

It is much simpler for you if you insert the docking plug before starting the rest of your sexual activity. If you have already started having sex and try to do this part of the job, it may be much more difficult and may not work at all.

This is why if you want to wear a docking plug while having sex, you must ensure that the docking plug is firmly inserted before performing other operations.

Men's Welfare

For men, one of the biggest advantages is that trying a docking plug can stimulate the prostate and cause some amazing orgasms. The prostate is a small walnut-shaped gland located about two inches from the anus, just below the bladder.

When massaging or rubbing, it produces a great feeling, which is why many sex experts compare this area of ​​the anus to a woman's G-spot.

Stimulating this point with a butt plug makes the experience even more exciting, in fact, many plugs have slightly curved tips to reach the prostate precisely.

Let's face it, massaging the prostate with your fingers is one thing, but massaging the prostate with a butt plug is a completely different experience, and you are unlikely to forget it soon.

Men also claim that orgasm is greater when doing hand or flapping work with simultaneous docking and plugging. Again, this is a double stimulus that makes the experience so erotic, if you think this is only for gay men, please think again

Nowadays, even heterosexual men admit that they like to perform anal activities in the bedroom, especially when they are also hit well.

Men with all sexual orientations love anal sex, so the docking plug is your ideal sex toy, regardless of other toys in your favorites.

Benefits for women

Just like men, women also like to wear ass plugs when having sex. Women can quickly learn to enjoy anal stimulation in the bedroom, in part because women who do so have almost no stigma.

In the past, only gay men could enjoy anal sex, but the way women enjoyed this sex was more accepted. In fact, many women claim that the orgasm they get from anal sex is even better than the orgasm they get through anal sex. Vaginal irritation.

The feeling of fullness is no stranger to women when they have sex, and once you stretch the anal area a bit, wearing a butt plug can be an erotic and amazing experience.

This is one of the reasons why many women enjoy dual-use stimulators during masturbation. They just like to stimulate both the vagina and the anus, and if you have sex with a real thing, all you need is an anal stimulator (such as a docking plug).

Sex cosplay with Butt Plug

If you want to experience the best role-playing event ever, try adding a docker to your regular game time.

One of the most popular role-playing games is to plug a docking plug into your partner and then announce that as long as the plug is still in, you are the owner and you can do whatever you want with him / her.

It is true that docking plugs can be used for a variety of dominant / submissive role-playing, and this way is much longer than most people realize.

Essentially, using a docking plug on your partner will ensure that you are the master, which makes your role play more quirky and more erotic.

You can express this power in many ways, including certain animal behaviors, and this is often an important part of the dom / sub relationship. Use your imagination, lubricate your ass, and enjoy the best sex you've ever had.

Of course, BDSM activities are not the only ones enhanced by the use of docking plugs. If your partner is a man, you can stimulate his prostate with a butt plug to make him squirm like never before.

Keep in mind that the prostate area is very similar to the G spot in a female lover, and the hip plugs stimulate the prostate area much better than your fingers.

Best sex poses for BUTT stoppers

When using a docking plug, you can enjoy many erotic poses, but there are two poses that make movement much easier, including the regular dog pose and the sitting pose.

The doggy pose (receiver wears a docking plug) works because the hips will be above the vagina and slightly upward in the air, which means the docking plug is more likely to stay in the position you should be having sex.

The puppy pose is also good, as it makes it easier to have sex while wearing a butt plug.

Most couples are already familiar with this posture, so adding a docking plug to the equation is just another step that most people find simple.

If the person wearing the butt plug is sitting in a chair with his / her partner on top, the motion generated by the thrust will make the anal stimulation more intense. Just like a dog-like pose, this pose is very simple, and don't worry if you have never tried it before.

This is not a clumsy or awkward posture, but a very comfortable posture, and it also makes you feel closer to each other.

In fact, the only problem with this position is that it feels good, and you might be a little confused about it, but isn't that a good question?

Best to use butt plugin in sex?

In fact, you can use any docking plug while having sex, but if you want some extra fun and kinks, here are some of the best tools:

Tail plugs: These are butt plugs with artificial fur tails on their tails, usually similar to the tails of foxes, cats and even rabbits. For more animal and aggressive activities, these docking plugs are the perfect choice.

Princess Docking Plugs: If you want to feel like a princess when wearing a docking plug, try these docking plugs, which have beautiful fake gems or flowers at their ends. They are usually made of some metal and are both comfortable and attractive.

Anal hooks: Don't worry, these hooks don't have sharp edges and can hurt you. Instead, the hook shape is perfect for use as a docking plug, and its ends are smooth and slightly round, so it's very comfortable throughout your use. Perfect for stubborn BDSM events!

Oversized butt plugs: Once you are used to butt plugs and your anal muscles have stretched a bit, moving to a larger butt plug is a good idea. These plugs make you feel "full", partly because every time you use them, you feel like you are pushing your body to the limit.

When it comes to docking and sex, the sky is the limit of the type of activity you can enjoy. There are many things you can do with a docking plug, and many things with a docking plug and partner.

All you have to do is relax yourself, have some self-confidence, and be creative in your own private bedroom, but the docking plug will never let you down.