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Male sex dolls have now become a necessity in the lives of many friends. Although many people are using it and they are satisfied with the pleasure brought by sex dolls, we still need to be clear about its taboos. What are the contraindications for male sex dolls? Do I need to wear a sleeve when using it?

Male sex dolls are a portable masturbation device that solves physiological needs. The external design is similar to the size and shape of cups. Buy sex dolls can be divided into discontinuous and continuous forms according to the shape of flat glass. In the end, no matter what kind of flat glass, it is often designed to improve the fun of using sex dolls, and the inner wall is designed to improve the stimulation of buying sex dolls. It is a common design method.

Buy sex dolls are no taboos, suitable for most male friends. To say that there is a contraindication is that if a male friend has a penis trauma, it is not recommended. Generally speaking, it can be used. It is necessary to pay attention to hygiene and keep clean before and after use.

Do men need condoms?

I want to wear it. Remember to wear a condom when using any sex dolls. Use condoms to wear condoms to:

1, for lubrication;

2, for hygiene;

3. For easy cleaning afterward, it is convenient to store and use the appliance.

Warm reminder: the correct use of buy sex dolls will not infect the disease, of course, there is no need to worry about the trouble of pregnancy. It is your toy, which allows you to possess it at any time.

Do you know what brand of sex dolls is good to use? What should I pay attention to when using sex dolls? I will introduce them one by one in the hope that it will be helpful to you.

Buy sex dolls adopt a cup body design that allows the head to move freely. It can perform different stimuli of left, right, rotation, and telescope. It can produce a wonderful feeling by taking the head and can achieve the thrill of movements that are not usually experienced.

There are many brands of Buy Sex Dolls, the main ones are FUN ZONE Buy Sex Dolls, Tenga Buy Sex Dolls, Baile Buy Sex Dolls, UTOO Buy Sex Dolls, Lovers Buy Sex Dolls, Fleshlight Buy Doll Sex Dolls, etc.

The above brands of sex dolls are more popular with men, they work well, and they are not expensive. Customers who want to buy can choose their sex dolls according to their needs. The one that suits you is the best, so buying sex dolls that suit you is the most important. buy sex dolls are small and easy to carry and store.

Use of sex dolls--Precautions

Since sex dolls cannot be secreted, it is better to use a certain lubricant. If you do not use or lack of lubricating fluid, the penis may feel painful. It is worth mentioning that using lubricating fluid can make you feel better when flying. If you want to buy sex dolls for a long time, it is recommended to cooperate. The use of condoms makes cleaning easier.