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How to buy sex toys India?

With the development of the Indian Internet, the concept of society has changed. Sex life is no longer a secret thing like it used to be. Indian women are gradually showing their desires in the process of sexual life. Sex toys have become indispensable friends between men and women.

How to buy sex toys India for the first time?

In India, women who have not bought sex toys, or women who want to buy sex toys. Sex toys should be known online in advance. In order to buy your favorite sex toys. When buying sex toys, the material and brand of sex toys are the key to buy. Of course, if there are conditions. You can choose a sex toy that looks like a piece of art. Avoid the embarrassment of storage. It can be placed arbitrarily.

In particular, the current sex toy material is medical silicone. Unlike the traditional plastics used in the past, the plastic has some hardness. It is not only badly touched, but also may cause damage if it is accidentally. The medical silicone is soft and feels like the human body, and it is currently used. Rechargeable electric wave, so there is no danger of electric leakage, it is more comfortable to use and more artificial. Not only women can use jumping eggs or vibrators, but also artificial silicone vagina used by men to meet the needs of both sexes.

Women buy sex toys Indian style?

Primary section: bullets eggs

When women have not buy sex toys Indian, it is best to choose some simple functional sex toys. Step by step. Jumping eggs is a good choice. The vibration function stimulates the vulva. It is the vulva that feels full stimulation and secretes love fluid. It can also play a role in maintaining the genitals. However, if you choose to shake the eggs, you also need to choose the material and style. Some jumping eggs can be placed in the vagina. When you buy this kind of jumping egg, you need to buy it and you can put it in and take it out. The vibrating egg has a shock effect. Inside is equipped with a battery. So when using it, choose waterproof. So as not to damage the body. Buy sex toys in India is not just about increasing the satisfaction of sex. Also consider the security of use.

When using egg jumping, most of them stimulate the vulva first. When the body adapts to this sex toy, it is placed in the vagina. It can also stimulate the breasts. Play a massage.

Intermediate: Vibrator

The second choice for buy sex toys India is the vibrating stick. The vibrating stick is also divided into sizes. The best vibrating stick is the large traditional big-head vibrator. It has many segments to choose from, and the strength is very suitable for nerve-sensitive people. The touch, feel and adjustment speed are also very good.

Vibrating stick is very important for women because it can promote vaginal contraction. When people feel orgasm, the vagina is undergoing contraction training, and the vagina has sufficient moisturization to prevent vaginal atrophy and dry discomfort, and vaginal contraction is more Powerful, it also helps prevent ageing urinary leakage problems.

Advanced: anal plug

Buy sex toys India also has anal plugs, but this is not everyone's dare to accept, when using anal plug habits to choose anal plug sex toys, it is best to choose a shallower, and then gradually increase the depth after the habit, in order to be more comfortable Development.

How to clean sex toys after buy sex toys India?

Cleaning simulation equipment is the first place. In particular, some simulation equipments are directly immersed in the inside. It should be cleaned in time, preferably disinfected, and then stored in a clean, dry place. In addition, many simulation tools will become harder after a long time, and should be replaced in time to avoid damaging the genitals.

In addition to the selection of sex toys, cleaning and collection are also important, so as not to cause quality changes, the first use must be washed first, because the new sex toys to avoid surface softening, usually with latex powder to keep dry, However, some people are allergic to latex powder, so be sure to wash it with water before using it. After use, wash it thoroughly with water. After washing, dry it quickly and keep it cool and not exposed to sunlight and high temperature. Place, otherwise the silica gel will harden or melt and change.