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Although there are many brands of condom online, according to the research of Xiaobian in VIVAAWA Mall, many friends still like to buy the condom online of the Jieshibang brand. So, is Jasper zero zero-use? Friends don't have to check it out first.

Condom online Jasper zero zero sense of use?

There are a lot of Jieshibang condom products. The so-called “type” is because this product is designed according to the new ergonomics. The front end of the sleeve has a front beam, which is a tightened design, which is more than the ordinary ultra-thin condom. Good fit to the body (you think about what you said in front of it), more humane, is considered a "tailored" design, haha! When doing piston movement, because the front end is tight, the sleeve will not go back and forth Slippering gives you the feeling of "wearing in a raincoat", which is more fitting, and you don't have to worry about slipping when you quit. My feeling is that it is more tightly integrated than the ordinary ultra-thin type, and the pleasure is stronger.

Is the condom online the thinner and more comfortable?

Condom online can't say that the thinner the more comfortable, but the thin one is more powerful than the thick one. But to be comfortable, condom online is just one of the aspects but also has to match the material of condom online, the amount of lubricant, and the overall sense of body. I think that the condoms of the Jasper Zero series can be used in these aspects. It feels very good to use them! It doesn't have the restraint like other sleeves, and it won't be particularly loose. It can also be attached to Tintin and it is really easy to use.

Condom online Jasper zero zero will be broken?

As long as you follow the correct method of use, there is generally no problem, you can use it with confidence. However, if the action is big, it is recommended to choose the young Jasper series, which is particularly strong and difficult to break.

The above is all the content that Xiaobian asked for the friends who want to buy Jasper, about the excellent use of Jasper zero. Most women can't reach the climax through ordinary friction, so the sex condom is a family planning. The category upgrade has added some special sleeve structure design, which stimulates women to have more internal endeavors to help reach the climax. Therefore, the choice of the sleeve becomes crucial: the interesting condoms of the profiled structure are mainly granular, threaded, and threaded and granular combinations. People who haven't touched the erotic set should start with a light stimulus at the beginning of the selection. For example, the threaded sleeve is very suitable for women who have lost their excitement to the glossy sleeve. The granular fun condom has the size and particle touch. It is recommended to try from small particles; the combination of the fun set brings a sense of pleasure and a richer level, suitable for family and more experienced friends. If you want to buy contraceptive products online, you can buy them at VIVAAWA Mall.