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How to choose the right condom online shopping

Condoms, more commonly known as prophylactic drugs, are the simplest form of contraception, but buying condom online shopping can seem daunting. For example, there are dozens of styles and brands. Do you have to consider that you are going to use them for safe sex? Family planning? All? Are not? After all, some condoms are designed just for fun.

When you buy condom online shopping, it's often easy to get distracted. You may feel self-conscious and want to move quickly without having to look for what you really need. So before you go to  start shopping online, check out this guide to choose and use condoms. It should be easy to find the exact type you need.

Determine your needs

Because condoms are considered very effective in preventing pregnancy, it should not be implied that they provide the same level of protection against infection. The truth is, the effects can vary widely from one infection to the next.

When it comes to STIs, you have to be more selective about what you use. Latex, polyurethane and any other non-latex condoms will provide protection against infection, but lambskin condoms will not.

Discuss condoms

Like anything sexual, it's important that you and your partner are on the same page. This applies to condom use. Talk to your partner. For example, if any of you are allergic to latex, you obviously need to avoid latex condoms.

How to use condoms

Make sure your size is right first. A common condom myth is that a woman is more susceptible to pregnancy and her partner's condom gets tighter and tighter, but in fact, a condom that is too small is easily broken. One that's too big may fall off. For these reasons, proper coordination is also important to prevent infection.

Always wear a condom as soon as possible before your penis makes contact with your vagina (or anus or mouth). It should be removed immediately after ejaculation - but be careful not to leak semen.

How to wear a condom

Carefully open the package and remove the condom.

Place the condom on the erect penis. If uncircumcised, pull back the foreskin.

Squeeze air through the tip of the condom.

Spread the condom all the way down to the bottom of the penis.

After sex, place the condom on the base before pulling it out.

Remove the condom, tie the knot at the end, and throw out the trash can.

Since condoms can deteriorate over time, make sure the ones you use do not expire. If you buy condoms, keep them in a cool, dry place. They lose their effectiveness if exposed to high temperatures, air or sunlight for long periods of time. If you open a condom and find it discolored, brittle or sticky, throw it away and get a new one.

Choose the right condom

Condoms can be regular shape, shape fit or flared. Tips can also be different: flat, stored, spiraled, oversized. Condoms have the advantage of regularity and chunkiness, both of which are equally effective. Condoms are of no standard length, but the difference in width between the smallest and largest condoms is about 1.5 centimeters.

Condoms can also come in a variety of textures, colors and flavors. So, while all condoms work roughly the same way in a broad sense, there is enough variety between them that you may need to try several types of condoms before you find the "perfect condom."

Lubrication or not

Some condoms are pre-lubricated, some are not. Lubricated condoms do not break easily and make sex easier. Of course, if for some reason you prefer a non-lubricated condom, you can use the lubricant of your choice to give you more control over how you and your partner feel.

Here's an interesting hint: of course, the obvious way to use lube is to apply it to the outside of a condom. But some men find that putting a small drop on the tip of a condom can increase pleasure.