Delayed Spray For Men

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How To Last Longer In Bed

We studied hundreds of ways to stay in bed longer. Using some of our favorite techniques, you can learn how to use it longer in bed, and for those men who suffer from premature ejaculation (PE) -- like millions of men around the world (up to 30% of the global male population), you can now do it for longer. Don't let your fear of overcoming sports become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So, what's our favorite way to prolong a relationship?

Use delayed spray for men

Desensitization products have been shown to be effective. Delayed spray for men have minimal side effects and can be used without a prescription. Look for high quality products with an absorbent formula that allows you to maintain a great sense of feeling while eliminating most of the diversion from your partner.

However, some of the delayed spray for men on the market will only numb you. Promescent, on the other hand, provides a gentle, targeted desensitization while minimizing sexuality-and not being transferred to your partner. There has even been scientific research into the effectiveness of Promescent, making it the only clinically proven delayed spray for men.

More foreplay

The slow accumulation of stimuli will keep you going longer. First, foreplay. Starting with various forms of foreplay, you can adjust your penis to a slow increase in stimulation, so that when having sex, your penis goes from 45 to 60, not 0 to 60.

Different gender positions

Certain sexual positions can help men delay orgasm, especially those that reduce penetration or put more pressure on the top of the penis. Here are some basic positions that can help you live longer - without using Kama Sutra or a contortionist.

  • The woman up there
  • Reverse cowgirl (she backs up to your woman variant - yee-haw!)
  • Scoop (lying side by side)
  • Vertical (pressing the top of the penis on the vulva)
  • Modified dog pose (when the woman is lying on her belly instead of her knees)

Masturbation and edging techniques

Many men have tried masturbation before sex, as well as what is widely known as borderline behavioral therapy, to "train" themselves to stay in bed longer. Are you one of them?

Here's how these technologies work.

  • masturbation

If you have sex again after the last time you rolled in the hay, you may have noticed how long it takes to reach orgasm a second time. This period of recovery is called the refractory period - masturbation within a few hours of having sex has a similar effect.

  • Start-stop method

It's simple, really: you approach orgasm and then stop to recover.

The mistake most men make, however, is to wait until they almost reach orgasm - an irreversible point - and then stop having sex. The problem is that when you stop, the closer you get to orgasm, the less stimulation you need to start again before orgasm.

The key is to stop and start with a plan. You may find that in each start/stop cycle, you will spend less time during the "stop" period and more time during the "start" period.

  • Extrusion technology

From a pleasure point of view, this is the last thing we like. But it works for many men. And as the name suggests. As you approach orgasm, you or your partner should squeeze your penis along the axis until your desire to ejaculate disappears.

The bad news: while these techniques may be effective for now, studies have not specifically found that they train your body to last longer.