Delays spray

2h2d delayed spray is a kind of external medicine developed by Japan. Many men use it in the process of sex. It is said that it works well. The maximum duration of 2h2d delayed spray can reach 60 minutes. The following VIVAAWA brand mall Let me introduce it to you.

2h2d delayed spray effect introduction:

2H2D can increase the hardness and duration of an increase in male erection.

It can treat patients with impotence and premature ejaculation for many years.

The maximum duration can be 30-60 minutes.

The three unique advantages of 2h2d delayed spray:

First, the composition is mild

This men's health product is based on the skin characteristics of oriental men. Its formula is very mild, there will be no alcohol, no other irritating ingredients, and some Compared with the products of essential oils, there is no greasy feeling, so it can bring a better experience and use effect.

Second, the design is simple and irritating

The outer packaging of this product gives a very fashionable feeling. In simple, it also reveals a fire in it. The bottle is designed with a lipstick bottle design, while the nozzle is silver-gray. It is very convenient to use. And there are no sensitive words to exist, to maximize the privacy of the user.

Third, plant formula

Its formula is selected from natural botanical ingredients, without adding any western medicine ingredients, it can guarantee environmental protection and greenness, and it can ensure the safety and effectiveness during use, so if you want to be able to Choose the right product to start with, then choosing such a pure plant formula is undoubtedly very good.

Through the introduction of VIVAAWA brand mall above, we can know that the maximum duration of 2h2d delayed spray can reach 60 minutes. It is really good. With this spray, it is the gospel of men, and men are blessed.

2h2d delayed spray

2h2d delayed spray is a male external delay spray, which is pure herbal extract. After tens of thousands of clinical trials, no adverse reactions passed the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare, Japan Food Analysis and Testing Center and many European and American authorities. The test can be used safely. The mechanism of 2h2d delayed spray is mainly the transdermal system of the clove plant to infiltrate the sable flower and other active ingredients into the inside of the penis. The sable flower is a bone needle structure, which can stimulate the penis body, accelerate blood circulation, prolong erection time and effectively control. Treat premature ejaculation symptoms.


1, according to the development of oriental male skin characteristics, mild formula, no alcohol, and other stimulating ingredients. Compared with essential oils, it has no greasy feel.

2, packaging fashion appearance, simple and irritating, lipstick bottle design, silver-gray texture spout, more convenient to use, no sensitive words, to ensure privacy and security.

3, natural plant ingredients, green and more environmentally friendly: extract the power of nature, without adding any Western medicine ingredients, safe, effective and healthier.