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As the saying goes, do it yourself and get plenty of food. Although the master is old for many years, he has always been "naked" and does not rely on any external tools, so it is not a good experience, more than just releasing pressure. I saw a lot of "famous models" on the Internet, and it looks really scary to search for it. The master is currently unmarried and still lives with his family. If my mother sees the dol sex aircraft cup like a big meat tube Not to be scared to death. I did n’t have the urge to burst out. Then, one day, my colleague recommended me this dol sex aircraft cup, and immediately moved my heart to grow grass: It is said that the male secretions in the human body are more vigorous when spring comes. (Mainly estrus). here is the image. After unpacking, it is all in Japanese ... The words "MADE IN JAPAN" are printed on the back, so the master is relieved.

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The material is written in TPE. I checked it by hand. The following is taken from Baidu Encyclopedia. "The elastic touch is very good, it can improve the touch of the product and enhance the grip." I have been waiting for a long time and can't wait to start. Prepare paper towels, turn on the computer, open my D drive, open the folder, Japanese avi drips two drops of water to lubricate, and slowly put on ... here Shen slightly 10,000 words can not describe what I use Wave style, with a real muscle touch. His inner wall is very thick, and there are unique wavy particles inside. Together, these small particles will also stimulate the small DD, and comfort is simply impossible. After a short while, he surrendered.

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The first time you always pay the gun quickly, but after three times, you will find that you don't know enough about yourself. It is said that Japanese design is the best. This dol sex aircraft cup has a very amazing black technology. It can only be lubricated with water, avoiding the embarrassment of no oil every time. This design facilitates the cleaning of the dol sex aircraft cup. Brothers who have used ordinary dol sex aircraft cups should know that cleaning each time after use is the most painful step. If it weren't for the poor, I would have changed one at a time. And he is a dol sex aircraft cup that is very suitable for public toilets, bedrooms, car Z, business trips, etc. Small in size and very portable, slightly smaller than a mouse. You can do it anytime, anywhere.

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Appearance is low-key and unobtrusive. Living with family, the hidden nature of the dol sex aircraft cup is very important. This cup looks so cute, who would think of evil places? It can be lubricated with water only, and it is not necessary to buy lubricant separately, which means that cleaning is more convenient. Made in Japan, imported. After all, the dol sex aircraft cup is in close contact with the body. The safety of the material is too important. Simulating the feel of the muscle, the dol sex aircraft cup made by the Japanese is still reassuring.