Doll for sex

The good feelings of sex make men and women enjoy it. I hope that the beauty will last for a long time. The doll for sex O series can do this. It uses a special ring on the male penis to make the sex lasting and give the couple more tremor and passion. Let's introduce the products of the doll for sexO series.

Doll for sexO product series

There are two types of doll for sexO products: doll for sex shock and double for sex. Doll for sexO- sensation shock box, its vibration is stronger: stronger 30% vibration effect, up to 20 minutes tremor experience, helping lovers to easily reach the peak of pleasure; shocking teasing: unique shape, add interest, give She is very stimulating, giving him a different kind of teasing; tremors and joy: ultra-low mute, waterproof design, battery replacement, soft and easy to use, even in the bathroom can "shake" to enjoy the passion.

Dolly for sexO-sensation shock ring to make sex feel aggregating: stronger 30% vibration, up to 20 minutes of tremor, just as strong as your passion; let the passion stimulate surround: unique delay collar, make him more Can adhere to; innovative soft rubber bulge, the whole process gives her a strong stimulation; let the couple's sexual life pleasure: high-quality medical soft rubber, comfortable to wear, for the couple to shock the unprecedented pleasure.

Doll for sexO Huanjue series shock box use method

The O-Vibration Seismic Clamp is used as follows: You can choose to place the electric handle on top of the penis, give her a hot tremor; or place it under the penis to make him feel irritated. It can also be worn on the finger to stimulate the clitoris more flexible, giving her a different kind of stimulation. The shock clip can be repeated, ultra-quiet and waterproof. Note: Only suitable for adults. This product has no contraceptive effect.

Use steps: 1. Open the package; 2. Remove the shock clip; 3. Install or replace the battery: Remove the long end of the battery with the horizontal line mark from the opening. When inserting the new battery, please push the long end first. To the top of the rubber sleeve, the shorter part can be placed; 4. Pull the clip part of the shock clip and put it on the penis; 5. Press the switch to open or close the shock clip and enjoy it. Tips: Please read the instruction manual before use.

Doll for sexO-sensing shock ring use method

The doll for sex shock ring can make both sides feel more exciting and experience the tremor of passion. With a switch, it is easy to use. Can be used alone or in conjunction with a condom. And it can be put into the water to make the bath more passionate. Note: Only suitable for adults. This product has no contraceptive effect. Please read the instruction manual before use.

The products of the doll for sexO series are currently the two, and the products of the O Huanjue series can make sex last longer and more intense. The addition of the doll for sexO series makes the sex life more passionate.