Doll Sex

Sexual health is good for whole-body health. Whether it is charming and fun uniforms, sexy lingerie, sex lubrication auxiliary products, doll sex, adult products are used to strengthen the organ touch brought by your sexual contact, making the sex life more intimate.

I believe that many friends know the doll sex "inflatable doll" and "vibration stick". Some men and women will use sex products when they want to satisfy their desires. Doll sex helps people reach their climax. For the market's dazzling array of sex products, many friends may not know its function and usage. It will introduce you to some common female doll sex and use problems:

Doll sex--simulating a human penis

The material is soft and flexible, so you can't put it down, and adjust the vibration massage frequency steplessly to meet your different needs. The penis is covered with a vascular decorative pattern with a certain roughness. Make this product meet your requirements visually, motivated and sensibly. I believe you will like its "charm". The doll sex vibration massages the sensitive area inside and outside the vagina of the woman, giving the woman multiple stimuli and making it reach orgasm quickly. It has a good therapeutic effect on the treatment of female coldness and lack of orgasm.

Doll sex--crystal stick

Warm and romantic color and unique design: This product is unique, small and cute, and easy to carry. Because it is small and gentle, it is a good choice for women who have never tried sex toys. (Absolutely will not cause any harm to you, and guarantee that you will experience the climax.) At the same time, it is also a passionate husband and wife masturbation. It can massage sensitive areas, stimulate local nerves, promote blood circulation, thereby regulating endocrine and stimulating other sensitive parts of the vagina, so that women can quickly enter the state of excitement. Take you to experience a sexual experience that you have never tasted before. It is worth having! Doll sex crystal rod is made of imported latex, with vibration function, can simultaneously massage the sensitive area inside and outside the female vagina, giving women multiple stimulations, so that they can quickly reach orgasm, for the treatment of female sexual coldness, lack of orgasm Essence has a good therapeutic effect. It can be used repeatedly for a long time.

Doll sex--sweet egg jumping, remote control egg jumping

How to use the doll sex fun egg: Insert the egg into the vagina, turn the knob, you can insert the vibrating egg into the vagina or the anus in the unmanned place, hold the handle switch, and adjust the vibration speed to the appropriate frequency. Experience the feeling that the vagina is illuminated! A strong sense of vibration will give you a surprise. At the same time, this product is also one of the best flirting products between husband and wife, adding fun to the house. Experience different sexual stimuli. Whether it is the most ideal sex toy between men, women, and couples, the product is easier to collect.