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Sex products are inevitable when sex, Durex India vibrator is a commonly used sex product. What is the effect of the Durex India vibrator? It is difficult for people who have never used it to directly understand it. How about the Durex India vibrator? Let's introduce the Durex vibrator.

Durex India vibrator

The vibrating stick, also known as the telescopic multi-function stick, is modeled after the thrusting action, and it is very stimulating and stimulating for couples or couples. The rod of the vibrating rod can be stretched in the range of 1-3cm, and different styles combine various functions such as vulvar stimulation, egg turning, simulation modeling, and rod twisting. If it is from the perspective of sexual life, then it is really good, because it is a good substitute for a man's penis, so that women can get orgasm. There are many types of Durex India vibrators available at VIVAAWA.

How about Durex India vibrator - V-resonation shock rod

Durex India-Vibration shock bar advantage: sexy streamlined shape, bringing powerful power, with 2 kinds of speed, 3 kinds of vibration modes, let the foreplay have a lot of passion! Whether you enjoy the fun alone or the couple can enjoy each other Let you express your passion and inspire an incomparable sexy experience! Let you interact with your loved ones and explore the passions you have never experienced before!

How to use: Gently slide the V-Vibration shock bar on the sensitive part of your body or your partner's body to feel the velvety soft touch, and press the bottom function button to experience the change of speed and strength, so that the foreplay is rich. Changeable shock experience! As the passion continues to heat up, you can insert the product into the body, let the deeper pleasures come to light, and reach the peak of happiness! Use with the Durex fun series to ignite the body desire and experience a more exciting pleasure.

How about Durex India vibrator - V-sensing tactile vibrator

Durex V-Responsive Touch Vibrator Advantage: Durex India-Responsive Touch Vibrator is like a magic wand, intelligently responding to the body's demand signal, increasing the intensity of tremor; also as your soul knows, so you don't have to be distracted, full Indulge in the wonderful movement of sex. Focusing on the sensor at the top of the appliance, it creates a strong tremor. It can be used to release passion and enjoy a new experience of sexual enjoyment, both inside and outside the body!

How about Durex India vibrator - multi-speed vibrator

What about the Durex India vibrator? The perfect sex experience needs to be created by you. Durex V-Rejuvenation multi-speed vibrator advantages: sexy streamlined shape, high-end PU material, velvety touch, everything like a caressing desire; top concentrated vibration, experience passion tremor; easy to rotate, change vibration speed, let sex Double the heat! Whether it's fun alone or a couple of indulgences, you can inspire your passion and inspire an unparalleled sexy experience! The sleek, cap-and-splash design allows you to control the speed of your passion as you wish, and your inner desire is instantly Let you rely on its touch!

How about the Durex vibrator? I hope this article will give you a certain understanding of the Durex vibrator. In sexual life, the reasonable use of Durex vibrators can make sex life more harmonious. If you need a Durex vibrator, you can buy it at VIVAAWA Mall.