Evie Sucking Male Masturbator
  • Evie Sucking Male Masturbator
  • Evie Sucking Male Masturbator
  • Evie Sucking Male Masturbator
  • Evie Sucking Male Masturbator
  • Evie Sucking Male Masturbator
  • Evie Sucking Male Masturbator

Evie Sucking Male Masturbator


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Our male masterburbater add powerful sucking & vibrating & heating functions together with overly soft and incredibly textured inside storker bring you different sensations to excited in no time! Unlike the traditional male masturabatoring toys that always rotating or just thrusting mechanically, this men sex toy sucking you with 40° imitating the feeling of adult excited!
More Powerful Motor with 9 Strong Sucking & Vibrating Modes
This pocket pussy for men is equipped with a brushless motor with 9 sucking and 9 vibrating modes, work together to stimulates stimulating every sensory nerve on you, as if multiple tongues are constantly turning, while the automatic heating function of this sex toy adult sensory toys will heat up to 40°perfectly imitating the female excited temperature.
Soft Inner Sleeve & 3D Textured
This toys for mens pleasure sex is made of soft TPE material, odorless and durable; textures and larger particles in the inner sleeve of this adult sex toys simulate the cavity interior of a woman’s privacy, The soft sleeve with dense stimulus in 5" length wraps and stimulates you better, this male self sucking toys come with lube for a authentic feel like giving you a excited experience.
More Durable - Long Working Life
Unlike other automatic male masturbators stroker that always meet problems like broken after few times of use, This men’s toy is equipped with a new brushless motor, enhances the powerful sucking and the durability of the male stroker, avoiding the problems that does not work or the sucking is too weak. With new battery charging technology, this male sex toy can be repeatedly charged more than 2000 times, avoiding the charging problem on that adult sex toys.
Upgraded Heating System & Ultra-quiet Technology
The automatic heating function of the automatic male masterburator cup can heat up to 40°C within 10 minutes, which perfectly simulates the temperature in the privacy during female excited. When the male masturbators cup used with lubricating oil, it brings the ultimate experience, This adult sex toys & games use ultra-quiet technology, less than 50db noise, allowing you to enjoy your "me time" privately in peace and quiet.
Easy to Clean & Fit Most Size
The removable sleeve of the male masturbator strokes can be taken out of the cup and rinsed under running water, after washing and drying, you can put it back in the pocket pussy adult sensory toys, the men's sex toys for men can be inserted in a length of 5.2 inches and can accommodate most sizes, If there is any problem with this male sex toy, please contact us freely, we are committed to providing you with the best customer service.
LCD Digital Display Touch Screen
Unlike the traditional toys for mens sex pleasure with buttons, our pocket pusssy for men are equipped with LED digital touch screen, which not only solves the problem of buttons not working perfectly, but also the digital display can show you The suction power and vibration level currently used, it is convenient to record the suction power and vibration that is most suitable for you, this men toys/sex can bring you a perfect sexual experience.

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