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Fantastic Foreplay Tips You Haven’t Tried

One of the secrets to a more satisfying sex life is to master more enjoyable foreplay. Having more fun before you get active is a good way to connect with your partner; So take it from us and you'll soon be a foreplay expert!

But first...

Why is foreplay important?

That's the thing; While a man needs only three minutes to reach orgasm during sex, we women need more time and TLC to get us to orgasm. Climax plateau - most women take more than twice as long as men, so adding a little intimacy to your foreplay can help you fully enjoy intimacy.

With that in mind, let's first look at how we can extend foreplay to a place where you're ready to enjoy a satisfying climax and get him absolutely ravenous for the main event.

Foreplay tip # 1: start early

Send him a sultry sext message and start his day thinking about what you're going to do with him at the end. After he goes to work - please don't encourage texting and driving - get your message saying "I can't wait for you to come back tonight so I can rock your world!" Will have his idea to play until the fight comes out.Hard to think of the right words to send to your partner during a sex crime? Check out our time-tested list of Best examples Sexts to keep your creativity alive.

Foreplay tip # 2: positive reinforcement

When you're in the middle of foreplay, use the power of communication to tell him what you like and how you like to be touched. For example, whisper that you "like to be touched here," and then direct his hand to where it might suit you. Knowing he's doing the right thing makes him want to keep doing it because he knows you like it - simple, right?

Foreplay tip # 3: foreplay flash CARDS

Think of the nine things you want him to do for you, and the nine things he wants you to do for him, and write them down on index CARDS in different colors - pink for you, blue for him. Placing them all face down on the bed, and then taking turns drawing the CARDS and formulating what each person says, adds a tantalizing anticipation to the proceedings.

Foreplay tip # 4: hands-free massage

The greatest pressure on his life... Don't use your hands. Rub his entire body with your breasts and tummy. Massage oil is optional. Step over him from the front or back, drape your hair across your chest or back, and the two of you adopt a strict no-touch policy the whole time. (this may be easier said than done in his case, making a pair of handcuffs or having fun putting a nice item in your toy box.

Foreplay tip # 5: put on a toy show

Take out your favorite sex toy and have him stimulate your clitoris while kissing you in the place you want to kiss most, or just make him look at you like it and go absolutely crazy. Incorporating toys into your sex life will go a long way toward bridging the gap between your orgasm and his, bringing you closer to an unprecedented party.