Game naked

The role of game naked sm leather whip is to give women an unprecedented pleasure, but also a good tool for flitting between the two sides. Let's let the mall Xiaobian introduce you to the three common game naked sm whip features, I hope you can help everyone.

Some women are often naked in the game naked sm training of sex games, and then tied to the bed, or some have a sex room similar to a jail. At this time, the males who are in the dominant position generally use three types of the whip, which are single-rooted whip, multi-strand whip, and board.

The single-handed pointer is very painful when whipping the flesh, and it will leave marks of whipping on the woman's body. In general, when men are doing game naked sm training, they generally do not choose this kind of whipping. The multi-stranded whip has a weaker pain during the pumping process, but because the area of ​​the whip is large, when the game naked sm is tuned, waving the whip will quickly make the woman feel fear. This kind of whip is very helpful for the pleasure of men being conquered in-game naked sm training, and this seemingly horrible whip can easily provoke the abuse factor in some women's bodies. And this kind of whip can also be used as a prop for inserting training, so when men and women play games naked sm, both sides quickly enter the state and feel the charm of the game naked sm. So most people will choose this kind of whip. The third type is a flat board. These three types of the whip are the least painful during the pumping process. However, it is important to note that men and women should grasp a degree when conducting game naked sm training, not a sly sex game, and finally go to the hospital for treatment.

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Game naked sm tool bundle advantage

1. The metal fasteners are durable and durable. This product is designed with a metal buckle. You don't have to worry about falling off or tearing when you use it.

2. The high-end atmosphere of the leather texture and the design of the leather texture make the product look high-end atmosphere, three-dimensional, 3D visual feeling from the outside.

3. The soft leather is comfortable to wear and adopts the soft and high-grade material design so that you can better protect your hands from being injured when wearing.

4. The chain design is durable, and the three-dimensional bump design gives you a 3D visual feeling.

5. Easy-to-wear ribbons are easy to wear, with simple interlocking ribbons that make it easier to use and more durable.

6. The fashionable atmosphere for men and women, wearing atmospheric fashion

Game naked sex toys must be selected for good quality, in order to give you the best enjoyment.