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We all know that the hottest sex vibrator is a sex toy for women to masturbate, but often can not think of the role of hottest sex vibrators for men, then, hottest sex vibrator is useful for men?

The hottest sex

First of all, we have to clarify the concept that the prostate is orgasm! Prostate pleasure refers to the sexual pleasure that occurs when a male prostate is moderately stimulated. This stimulation is mainly achieved by indirect stimulation of the prostate by the penis, fingers or other objects entering the rectum via the anus.

Hottest sex in the world

The hottest sex vibrator is covered with lubricating oil, and the chrysanthemum is also covered. Take the side or supine. Personally, it is recommended to lie on the side and stay behind and use it. Holding the hottest sex vibrator and slowly massage in the chrysanthemum, be patient, slowly apply pressure, the stick will slowly deepen, then pull out, and then slowly apply pressure, so repeated several times, chrysanthemum It won't hurt, and it will be easier to enter! When the thickest part passes the chrysanthemum, the remaining part will automatically slide in. There is a sense of pleasure when you slide in, and the stick is just against the prostate! The position of the prostate is not deep, it is 4~6cm, the depth of the hottest sex vibrator is just right! The main stick passes the perineum against the scrotum.

For the fun toys such as hottest sex vibrators, we have a lot of familiar brands, so what brand of hottest sex vibrators?

We must first know which kinds of hottest sex vibrators are available. Generally, they can be divided into three types.

Telescopic vibrating rod

Form: The shape of the telescopic vibrating rod is closer to that of a man's sexual organ. After power-on, it can flex and retract itself, and the frequency can be adjusted. Function: The telescopic vibrating stick can bring a woman a real thrust, and it is the best choice to use comfort.

Turning rod

Form: The bead stick is very "right" when it is working. Under normal circumstances, the body is out of the straight state, and it does not bend or wriggle. Instead, like your electric drill, turn your body.

Function: The surface of the bead stick will cover a lot of floating points, threads, and even spike-shaped "nails", which is very effective in teasing the vulva and the inner wall of the vagina.

G point hottest sex vibrator

Form: G-point hottest sex The shape of the vibrator is similar to a small stick. The length and thickness of different styles are different.

Function: Some G-point hottest sex vibrators have a smooth surface and the front section is tilted upwards. The purpose is to make the raised parts better stimulate G points. Some G-point hottest sex vibrators are similar to a fake penis but shorter than it. There is also a section in the root that stimulates the vulva and clitoris.

The famous hottest sex vibrator brands include Swedish LELO, loving world, and German FunFactory. The German brand continues the rigor and technicality of the Germanic nation, especially the two techniques added in the hottest sex vibrator under its brand to make the hottest sex vibrate. The stick enters a new level in the experience. The design of the one-button climax is to make the intensity of the earthquake reach 30% higher than the rated maximum frequency. The pleasure is super cool, and the critical point of breaking the climax is much simpler.