How Do Girls Masturbate 

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How Do Girls Masturbate 

How do girls masturbate ?For starters, it's not just a feel-good solo game that's legal for you. Masturbation releases stress and anxiety.

We know that you relax after orgasm, which is great for nervous people. Masturbation also increases blood flow to the genitals, which is important because blood flow keeps the vagina healthy.

In other words, you should consider adding it to your self-care Sunday routine as soon as possible.

Now, with all the good things said, the only problem is not knowing how do girls masturbate better.

Of course, there is no right or wrong way to masturbate (to her own every vagina!). But these expert-approved tips and techniques will not only teach you how to best enjoy yourself -- but also take your homemade orgasms to the next level.

How do girls masturbate ?

1. Take out a mirror.

Before you can "rock your body" in the Justin Timberlake style, you need to know your body. It's crucial that women recognize their anatomy.

Start the old-fashioned way: with a hand-held mirror. This is the best way to understand what your vulva actually looks like and, more importantly, to identify your clitoris. For many women, the clitoris, with its 15,000 or so nerve endings, is where the magic of masturbation takes place.

In other words, once you find it. From the outside, all you can see is the clitoral hood - a flap that retracts during sexual arousal - and the glans clitoris, a button-like blob.

Once you've completed your mini-sex session, gently touch and curiously mark the most sensitive, stimulating, itchy and uncomfortable areas. Take time to explore all parts of your body and find the ones that feel good. What's just meh.

2. Set ~mood~.

You need to light candles, break good underwear, and put on your favorite sex playlist when you're ready to make contact with another person, so why not do the same on DIY time? You should, brito said. First, create a relaxed, comfortable space in your home, full of privacy, free from distractions.

3. Focus on the task at hand.

Masturbation is "me" time plain and simple. So, try your best to pretend that the outside world doesn't exist and adjust what is happening inside you.

4. Use your imagination.

Every woman has different fantasies. It's not necessarily about you and your partner. It's not necessarily about whips and chains or anything you might have seen in a porn novel or in a porn film, unless that's what you're going to do. So just let your imagination run wild and look where you need it.

FWIW, if you're a lesbian, it's normal for you to masturbate and think about a man. Whatever your fantasy, you don't have to question your sexuality.

5. Experimental penetration.

While some women prefer soft clitoral stimulation, others prefer penetration, or a combination of the two.

If you're a beginner, you can try penetrating masturbation with your fingers, dildo or penile vibrator - see if you like it. If you don't, NBD, you're one step away from knowing what you like.

6. Lubricate it.

Lube is great for sex, so yes, it can also be used for masturbation. This is especially true if the birth control pill you are using can cause vaginal dryness. Fess up: wetting is a very important part of masturbation because it makes your genitals more comfortable.

In fact, one study found that 50 percent of people said lubricants made them more likely to orgasm.

If drying is a legitimate problem for you and you don't use silicone sex toys, try silicone lubricants, which last longer and reduce friction. However, if you just want a little extra humidity for more fun - or have a silicone atmosphere glued to a water-based recipe.

7. Explore your body.

Your body is really a wonderland, especially your sexy area. But you don't know what they're going to give you until you do a one-time exploration.

Starting with your fingers is the best way to masturbate. Especially if you're in the early stages, you want to know your body area and make you tick.

If you are an experienced professional, consider changing your masturbation skills. Always on your back? Turn over. Always with your hands? Try a hand-held shower.

8.Play with toys.

The modern atmosphere is almost the best thing (better, more even) since sliced bread. Today, most vibrators are designed to give you the clitoral stimulation you crave, some even by mimicking oral sex. From bullet vibrators to wands, there are many options to try.