How To Increase Penis Size At Home

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How to increase penis size at home

Penis circumference is a measure of the width or thickness of the penis shaft. The science of increasing penis circumference size is the same as that of length - only the direction of growth is outward, not length.

So How to increase penis size at home

There are several ways to do this.

  • Jelqing

The first is a very popular and famous sport, called jelqing.Jelqing is popular because it's free - all you need is your hands to do it. It can also contribute to some small length increases because of the nature of the pull exercise.

To sum up jelqing in a few words, it is like milking your penis.

You use your fingers to create a good mark and "drop" your penis from the bottom of your shaft to the bottom of your glans (mushroom tip) with your semi-hard (70-80% maximum erect level) penis.

In short, this is the whole process.

However, you need to learn a number of important considerations to make sure you do it correctly.

  • The penis pump

We describe the penis pump in detail here.

Another tool you can use to increase the circumference is called the penile pump.

Unlike traditional air vacuum pumps, the penile pump is our favorite because it USES a chamber filled with water to create suction on the penis. It is safer than an air pump because water prevents blisters and pressure is easier to maintain and control, which also helps. Air-based vacuum cleaners put direct pressure on the skin of your penis and pose a safety hazard. A water-based vacuum distributes pressure evenly across the fluid, spreading it evenly over the penis.

However, consistent use has been shown to increase waist circumference over time.

At the end of the session, your penis will immediately increase by how much, which never gets old.

  • The compression

These girth exercises use pressure to compress penile tissue and promote the growth and expansion of new cells. Compression exercises are especially useful for perimeter extensions.

Compressor is one of the most common advanced compression exercises, which is very suitable for increasing waistline. This is a two-handed exercise. Following are the steps for executing the Compressor exercise:

Hold the OK handle tightly around the base of the penis.

Place the other hand on the grip and hold tightly to the area where the glans of the penis meets the shaft. Do not apply direct pressure on the glans.

Slowly bring your hands slightly toward each other, compressing the shaft of your penis.

As the shaft is compressed, bend the crankshaft back and forth to apply tension along these areas to increase growth.

How to increase penis size at homeIncrease your penis size by 100% for everyone.

In addition, since natural enlargement is 100 percent possible, technical advances have been made to help automate the stretching process to help you save time and effort.

With such advances, natural enlargement is now very cheap for everyone on earth who wants to increase penis size.

Gone are the days when penis enlargement surgery cost thousands of dollars, and it's gotten worse in history.