How To Increase Size Of Penis

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How To Increase Size Of Penis

So, how to increase size of penis ?

Is it true? Have you read the whole time? There's really no way to make your penis bigger. However, there are ways to make it look bigger, such as:

1. Pills and supplements

how to increase size of penis ?

Penis enhancement pills are a mixture of naturally occurring herbs that should replenish blood flow to the penis. But usually, they contain all sorts of things. They are often unregulated, so little research has been done on their safety or side effects. Please stay away from them.

how to increase size of penis ? They don't.

Do they actually work? Not at all.

2. The surgery

how to increase size of penis ?

What is it? One of many procedures designed to increase a patient's penis size.

how to increase size of penis? There are several different types of penile enlargement surgery based on different principles and expected outcomes. One approach involves transplanting fat tissue from other parts of the body into the shaft of the penis - which may be successful, but is described as "visually strange", and often ends up disappearing within a year of fat metabolism. Another technique is to disconnect some of the supporting ligaments. This can provide a fraction of an inch of length, but allow the erection to point down rather than up, the report showed.

Does it actually work? There is conflicting evidence about this, mainly anecdotal. Some reports suggest success, but many more suggest permanent damage from procedures. The only major medical research institute that actually considered the topic ultimately decided that there was no evidence that penises could be permanently enlarged, and that most men would not want to continue surgery if they knew the risks and dangers involved.