How To Increase Size Of Pennis Naturally At home In Hindi

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How to increase size of pennis naturally at home in hindi - 7 natural penis enlargement exercises

While there are no guaranteed ways to enlarge your penis, there are some penis enlargement techniques you can use if you are concerned about penis size. These exercises were tested by large Numbers of men around the world. Check it out here:

1. Stretch it

Stretching can increase the size of your penis at home, but moderation is key. For those who want to try this technique, this is a simple step they can follow. Initially, you hold the head of the penis up and stretch it on a count from 1 to 10. Do this every day for about 5 minutes and stretch your penis to the right and left.

In addition, you can do another stretching exercise. Hold the head of the penis in one hand. Next, place your thumb on the base of your penis with your left hand. Hold the stretch position for about 10 seconds before releasing. Repeat.

2. The Backward technology

Before using this method to increase penis size, you must be aware that it is both dangerous and potentially harmful, so you'd better consult a professional guide before doing so. First, use your thumb to pull the rooster's skin back toward your body. Second, use other fingers to help under the axis. Hold this position firm for about 10 seconds. The technology takes just five minutes a day. Keep in mind that you should not hold this position for longer than recommended and avoid holding it too tight as it may prevent blood circulation to your penis.

3. Practice in opposite directions

The next tip on how to increase your penis size at home is "in the opposite direction." This exercise may make you cringe a little while reading, but it can bring effectiveness if you don't make any mistakes.

First, place one hand on the tip of the little boy, then place the other hand on its bottom. Then, pull in the opposite direction for about 10 seconds. Practice about 5 minutes a day. The safety tip is, if you feel hurt, it's best not to continue. Do this with expert and moderately detailed guidance.

4.Kegel motion

Kegel sports seem to be popular with women. It is often known that kegel exercises do help women in different ways. However, when it comes to increasing penis size, not many men admit it. This type of exercise can make your penis look bigger and bigger by maintaining a lot of control over your erection.

You start this exercise by contracting your PC muscles about 20 to 30 times a day. After that, you do more contractions. Finally, you will be able to control your muscles. Therefore, this can help you increase your waistline and length because more blood flows to the penis. Your partner will notice your benefits during intercourse.


This technique should be implemented when you are semi-upright. First massage the penis and pull it outward from the base. Repeat. You can do this alternately with your hands. This technique will benefit your penis by pushing more blood to your penis's head. Repeat it as much as possible. However, the advice starts at low and slow speeds.

6. Rotate in cycles

The technique appears to be similar to stretching, with some differences.

First, take the "little boy" out with one hand. And then, at this point, you start rotating to the right. Do this for 30 seconds in each direction. Practice 5 times a day. Then, you'll see a huge difference in length and circumference.

7. Lifting weights

Some professionals suggest that men should not use this method to solve safety problems. However, this list of tips on how to increase your penis size is designed to help you get a variety of ways to increase your penis size with appropriate warnings. Done properly and moderately, it can have a positive effect on your penis. The technology has been introduced in Japan and has been shown to work well under certain conditions. However, the most important thing is to think carefully before practicing.

How to increase size of pennis naturally at home in hindi ? Keep practicing in the same way.