how to use vibrators

There are many types of sexual products. Among them, vibrating sticks are the most frequently used in female sex products. The methods of use are similar. They are usually vibration, twisting, swinging and other massage stimulation methods. The following is a detailed introduction to the use of vibrators :

 1. Vibrating rod charging

The vibrating rod must be fully charged before use to prevent the battery from being insufficient during use, resulting in weak vibration, affecting interest, and charging holes at the tail., plugin the charger connector.

 2. How to charge the vibrator

When charging, the indicator light flashes red, the charging is completed, and the indicator light stops flashing.

 3. Lubrication vibrator

Disinfect the vibrating rod, then apply lubricating oil for lubrication. Hold the vibrator with your hand and start using it. You can also use it by a male hand. There is also a vibrator that can be used by both men and women.

 4. Vibrator material and design

Ok, now grab your vibrator, set the frequency to a minimum, then touch the clitoris. For some people, this has almost no feeling. For others, it feels powerful enough, you can also wear panties using a vibrator. The sensitivity of the vibrator varies from person to person. If this is the lowest. The gear is for you, can't stand it, try to grab the labia so that it doesn't touch the clitoris directly; or use a towel or blanket to separate the vibrator from you, or just Wear underwear. If you need higher strength, then slowly increase the frequency, double motor, resonance 3 points, deep design, double-head stimulation. Exciting Soft fit, all kinds of gameplay burn your desires, step by step to make the climax stack up. In short, you need to find a moderate frequency. Bath, work, travel can be played, silicone material, affinity, and skin.

 5. Vibrator mode

Adjust the vibration mode, it is recommended to change from microseismic to the strong earthquake, you can layer the vibration of the electric vibrator. The up and down arrows can change the vibration mode. The plus sign is to increase the vibration intensity, the minus sign is to reduce the vibration intensity, press the middle button. Lock the built-in. Multi-frequency and multi-speed, power upgrade. Beans make the tide more intense, activate more hormones in the body, stimulate the stimulation, only stretch, deep into the nest, simulate the love of love, vibration, multi-frequency double vibration.

 6. Vibrator disinfection

After the vibrator is used, you can use a cleaning spray to clean and disinfect the water or wipe it with saline and alcohol, and then store it for the next time. The massage vibrator will bring you happiness and happiness, let women have new excitement. Enjoy the fun of sex, with the open mind of modern people, more and more Many young people are using vibrators.

 7. How to buy a vibrator

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