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Some netizens asked: I have seen in many reports that to increase sexual pleasure, some Indian erotic "small props" can be used appropriately, which can increase the excitement and pleasure. There are many kinds of Indian erotic products, and the price is also very different. How do I choose?

With the opening of sexual concepts, people's pursuit of sex quality is getting higher and higher, and more and more people are pursuing the perfect sex of "body and mind unity." And sex toys have become one of the common props for people to pursue perfect sex. In the process of pursuing perfect sex, we must also ensure reproductive health, so we need to have a correct understanding of sex toys and use Indian erotic products correctly. Sex products have a wide range of connotations, and you mainly refer to sex toys. The following principles should be followed when selecting suitable sex toys. First of all, to understand the type of stimulation that both sides like the woman likes the clitoris stimulation or needs to insert deeper. Does the man want the toy to help him last longer or have more fun? Choose toys with different functions according to different needs, such as jumping eggs, vibrating sticks, etc. Second, understand the physical characteristics. Some women have a tight vaginal fit and are not suitable for larger toys. Otherwise, they may cause damage to the vagina and may also make you use too much care when using sex toys. Again, consider the material to avoid allergies, some people like the irritating feeling of metal, others think the latex material is more real. Finally, don't over-dependence on toys, it's just a helper, you can't replace kissing, touching and flirting. Use sex toys should also pay attention to hygiene, it is best to clean and disinfect before use.

Have a correct understanding of Indian erotic sex toys

First of all, we must have a correct understanding of Indian erotic sex toys. The sex toys are not for satisfying individual desires, but for the husband and wife to share the sexual climax. If the couple uses together, they can add sexual life and fun, help the two to achieve sexual synchronization, let the two enjoy the orgasm at the same time, greatly improve the quality of their sexual life.

Choose reliable Indian erotic sex toys

Use Indian erotic sex toys, be sure to choose reliable, quality clearance. It is best to choose a product with high visibility to have quality assurance. After use, pay attention to the maintenance of sex toys, store them in clean, dry containers, and disinfect them regularly to ensure hygiene.

Standardize the use of Indian erotic sex toys

The use of Indian erotic sex toys must be standardized. After purchasing, read the manual carefully, or read the relevant knowledge on the official website. If you buy a big brand of sex toys, you can search for its official website. Only when it is used in a regulated manner will it not cause damage to itself and its lover, and it will be healthy sex to ensure the health of the reproductive organs.

Couples use sex toys together

Before using the Indian erotic sex toys, the husband and wife should communicate well. After reaching a consensus, the couple uses sex toys together. Remember: sex toys are the sexual hobby of couples, not resistance. Only two people can use it together to achieve the best results.