Indian anal sex

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Indian anal sex has only been a hobby of a few players in the past, but as the concept of sex changes, more and more people have discovered the irresistible magic!

The Indian anal sex fashion website has shared five kinds of anal sex positions that people can't regret this life, whether they are from entry to advanced players. The most fascinating one is the last one: double-inserted position! Open your eyes together

Indian anal sex--Beginner's fetal position

Lying on the bed sideways, the body is distorted like an unborn baby. At this time, the man gently holds your body from the back, and you will feel the security of being cared for and possessed instantly. You can talk softly first, then let the boys enter slowly. However, the most sensation for the girl is still the massage stick between the legs. The joy brought by it will cover the friction of the boy sliding in the back. This is also the wonderful place of the fetus, which is very suitable for beginners. use.

Indian anal sex--Ass ascending to heaven

Put a pillow on your abdomen, let yourself squat in the most comfortable position, raise your buttocks, and let the male partner rub your back, buttocks and legs until you feel it. If he starts to apply lubricant there, try rubbing his fingers with a finger to massage his clitoris. Don't forget to put a massage stick between your legs. This is the most ecstasy moment!

Indian anal sex--standing standing leg position

Take a chair against the wall, one leg on the chair, the hips lifted up, one hand on the wall, let the male partner squatting you into the back. Anal sex is not necessary to be fast and intense, this position is just suitable for slow progress, you can clearly feel the amazement of anal friction.

Indian anal sex--sex check position

The posture of the body will affect your mood, let yourself lie on a stable table or bed, open your legs and stretch your legs, and grab your ankles with both hands, as if you want the doctor to see through you thoroughly. This kind of embarrassing position is enough to make both men and women accelerate their heartbeat, let alone when the "doctor" really comes in and "checks" you.

Indian anal sex--double plug-in position

A double-inserted position requires two objects that can enter the body. In other words, you need to have two playmates at the same time. But if you can't accept the threesome, you can replace it with a massage stick. Let yourself sit on the man, face his face, then slowly rock up and down, and when everything goes into the situation, put the massage stick into the vagina. This is not over yet, your other hand can massage the clitoris at the same time, which will let you attack the "triple climax"! This series of sensory stimuli may make you suffocate in an unprecedented sense of numbness, and don't forget to stop.

Indian anal sex follows these five postures step by step, you will find an unprecedented world! Don't forget the three principles of going back to the door beforehand:

1. Prepare a large amount of lubricant.

2. Use a condom and don't forget the safe sex when you walk the back door.

3. Please don't ask the male partner to suddenly run from the back door to the front door.

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