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Women are emotional, romantic, even in self-sexual life, ideas and men are different, want to get different feelings in sex, you must first understand what she cares about. What kind of foreplay does that indian couples sex like?

What is the most care about indian couples sex?

Can a lover get sexual gratification: the more a woman loves a man, the more she hopes that he can get sexual gratification. In order to let him enjoy the fun of sex, let him feel that he is the most powerful man in the world, and women are willing to sacrifice something.

Is there a thoughtful foreplay: a woman regards a gentle and considerate foreplay as a manifestation of love. If a man goes straight to the subject, the woman will feel wronged and think that the other person does not care about her feelings. Therefore, men should kiss, hug, and touch more, which will make her feel deep love.

After sex, indian couples sex is warm: If after a sex, a man falls asleep, a woman often feels "he doesn't love me, just treats me as a sex tool." Dr. Judy, a well-known American therapist, pointed out that in the process of making love, the brain's pituitary gland secretes the posterior aphrodisiac, which makes people feel warm and want to embrace. Therefore, after sex, hold her a few words, even if you tell her that you are tired, she will think that you care about her.

His sexual ability: the sexual ability that men have always worried about, is not so high in the eyes of women. In the woman's view, sexual ability is not simply "hardness" and "time", paying attention to her feelings. Indian couples sex allows her to achieve both spiritual and physical satisfaction, which is the embodiment of sexual ability. At this time, I would like to have a lot of fun for those couples who can help you.

What kind of foreplay does a woman like?

Let other sensitive points endure “torture”: When people are preparing for intimate contact, they go straight to the subject most of the time. However, one of the most important points is that the foreplay stage should not rush to contact with sexual organs in order to prolong the time to stimulate and mobilize emotions, which is conducive to the accumulation of passion. Indian couples sex caressing other parts to help enhance the feeling.

Cover your eyes and explore: You can try to cover each other's eyes with a silk scarf or a blindfold. You can even use the plush handcuffs to "shackle" each other. Exploring together in the dark can add fun to the foreplay, but you must not let each other Feel fear.

Appreciate your partner's “self-entertainment”: It is educational to let the male partner see that he uses a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris. He will know what strength and speed you like, and will give him a voyeur-like pleasure. .

Play a strip game together: When the couple watch the erotic film together, they can imitate the plot in the film. For example, every time a character in the film takes off a piece of clothing, the woman takes off one piece and brings more stimulation to sex.

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