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Indian Girl Masturbate 

As nearly half of Indian Girl Masturbate regularly "take off," you probably already know this. If you're one of the 50% of people who don't indulge in my time routine, (or are too shy to tell researchers!) It's time to let your fingers walk.

While the benefits of masturbation have been well documented, many of us become lazy, stick to the same tried and true methods, and end up falling into the rut of self-love.

Next timeIndian Girl Masturbate Habits Normal? Want to "pinch dumplings", there are five ways to mix it up.


Focus first on sensory experiences such as applying your own lotion, getting a massage, and losing your discomfort. About how we look, smell and taste, this can get in the way of having fun.


Before you download a credit card from and buy a vibrator, you should know what kind of stimulation you like. External, internal - some people like both. If you're used to a certain behavior, it might be time to try something new. If you're used to pure clitoral stimulation, take a closer look at what your g-spot can do.

Use your hand or even a vibrator with a different feel. If you're used to a buzz, use a rumble. Different vibrators provide you with different highs.


While masturbation is entirely up to you, there are no rules you can't involve your partner in your pleasure. Mutual masturbation can help you understand how your partner touches. Having a long-distance relationship? Check out "We Vibe" to connect you with partners via bluetooth and mobile applications. You can Skyping with your partner in China and still masturbate together.


Many of us see masturbation as something that cancels out an advantage, but frothing yourself before letting go can help you enjoy sex more. Suppose you have a boring work meeting or a course that you suspect might put you to sleep. Harsh creams can make your nipples tingle or stimulate your clitoris - they can help make this meeting more fun.

Love LUBE.

Many women who don't think twice about running out of p-to-v lubricant see it as a sign of failure during masturbation. That was a mistake. Friction is not your friend when masturbating. Moist in your body - usually not enough to cover your outer labia, which have many nerve endings and vulva. It may not be a direct route to orgasm, but it helps build it up.


While high-tech products are completely optional, some new options may be just what you need to take the fun to a new level.

If you want to buy the latest toys, the service is designed to make you feel comfortable. But sex toys are everywhere these days