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Experts give lectures at the toy training camp. The ideal indian online sex is like a game. It needs to be very powerful and requires a level match. Today, in my opinion, playing toys is also a game. I am upgrading on the road of "Dragon War" and have unlimited fun. She told me that if you can hold the vibrator, you will be out.

In linear - foreplay is more important, it goes without saying

Open the package requires two doors, the protection is well designed, with a ring handle, which can be easily grasped in actual combat. The handle of the ABS material is as smooth as a mirror. Since the motor is located on the tongue on the front of the toy, although the power is large, it is not easy to use for a long time. The part in contact with the skin is medical grade silica gel. This silicone is close to velvet. Although it may be a bit sticky, the brand wants everyone to touch the most original silicone material, and Sex online recommends that players use water when using this toy. Basic lubricating fluid ~

Sex online two lips, like a powerful domineering man, I want you. Even a boyfriend who doesn't know about sex toys, holding it for a while, says it must be expensive? This is not the first time I touched this vibrator. The last time I contacted this famous one was the ghost warrior left eagle. Many players may have seen it, and this stick looks very aggressive. Of course, the attack is very radical. After all, it's different from other stick vibrations. This is "sucking. Just open the switch and put it on your body. It's like being forced by a man under the body; it's also very rich and powerful, making me a G-insensitive sister, successfully harvesting The first point of the toy G point climax, it is almost single. After all, far from seeing the tongue, a bit like a deja vu. From the appearance, the ghost warrior is like an epee, all of which are "sharp". If the Ghost Warrior can let you experience the “crazy thrust”, then the experience of the tongue is “whirlwind-like mouth.” With the lubricating fluid, the minimum amount of stimulation in the backcourt or boy's egg will have a unique pleasure. This The two dialects are so powerful.

indian online sex - how to use a vibrator

When charging, the indicator light will flash white, and the performance online charging completion indicator will stop flashing. (It is recommended to be fully charged, otherwise, you will feel half-hearted when you play... Anxiety!)

Lubricate the rod and choose a better lubricant, that is, the lubrication effect continues. Then use the massage shaker to hold your hand for male or female use. (Don't feel that your brother will be ashamed of it, all the little brothers have no teachers, all kinds of tricks...)

Adjust the vibration mode online. It is recommended to change from very slight vibration to strong vibration. It stimulates the vibration of the vibrating vibrator in a layered manner. It can change the vibration mode. Usually, the plus sign is the beginning, increasing the vibration intensity and reducing the minus sign. Turn off the vibration intensity until the middle button is pressed. The vibration intensity will also change somewhat by pressing the button repeatedly.

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