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A good sexual partner is not only able to actively cooperate with men to complete sex, but also a partner who dares to try fresh tricks and enjoy sex together. Sucking the penis is one of the sex styles that men like today. Therefore, if you want to be a good sexual partner and let your man love you, then learning to suck the penis is an indispensable secret weapon.

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Sucking the penis The vast majority of people are very happy to have their genital organs covered by women, sucking the wonderful feeling, and it is easy to get excited. In oral sex, specific skills and posture are important, but the psychological level of women, the degree of cooperation with men, and the surrounding environment are more important. As a male, it is inevitable that some of his genitals will be in the mouth, such as worrying that his penis will be bitten by others.

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If the woman's mouth is large enough, close the lips when the eyes are closed, and the teeth slowly come down to ensure that they are on the top of the penis. In this case, they should not bite it. Make full use of the muscles in the mouth, especially the tongue, to ensure that you don't touch the penis at all. To solve this problem completely, it is much more to be contacted, and every time you must pay special attention to the gentleness. In fact, the important thing is to enjoy the thrill of it, and men don't have to worry too much. Some tips for oral sex can just kiss each other's face and mouth when they start. Then slowly move to his penis. With your lips and tongue slowly licking, you can squat up and down, you can circle, and constantly stimulate the penis.

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Be brave enough to explore in a variety of ways: continually stimulate the part of the glans, including its blood vessels, openings; small ditch under the glans, foreskin, with the tongue, especially the tip of the tongue to scrotum (also can be testicles) The simple way to make it for men is to have his penis in his mouth, keep up and down, do piston movements, this is called sliding; with his mouth containing the glans part, constantly licking. At the same time, the tongue can be continually rotated; the lips continue to suck up and down along the penis, and apply some pressure with their own tongue and lips; as deep as possible into the mouth, and then slowly come out.

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